Saturday, December 14, 2013

Booster Gold #3 (Volume 1)

Title: "The Night Has Two Thousand Eyes"

Reeling from the apparent destruction of Skeets, his only real friend, Booster races towards the explosion. I love how he goes from horrified to suspicious once he gets to the spot Skeets "died." The reasoning for this is sound and pretty impressive considering he's still new to the superhero biz. Dirk on the other hand believes it and is smart enough to at least realize how close the two are. That however doesn't mean that he's tactful when bringing up the sympathy their get from the footage of Skeets blowing up.

Mindancer takes Blackguard to the 1000 headquarters with him marveling at them setting up shop under the park of Supermans' town. He doesn't realize that the Director isn't pleased with him until the boss makes it clear. Thinking he can win brownie points he mentions destroying Skeets only to piss off the Director more since they could have studied advanced tech. I'm not a big fan of writing the characters explaining what's happening as it happens to the audience/other characters. Granted it would be confusing showing a robot suddenly attacking without explanation but it rarely sounds natural. This is sort of the product of the time and the medium so it's not something I can really blame on the writing although it has come up at least once in each of the issues I read so far. The further dissecting of how the Directors' robot link works (such as it's limits) and what Mindancer did is a little chunky too.

The lady from last issue is now revealed as Thorn/Rose. I don't understand the whole deal with the character (although some of it will be explained) but this plot isn't one I'm really invested in. It's actually one of the weakest parts of this story. Something that feels like it wasn't needed and could easily be trimmed without greatly affecting the plot.

Trixie finally gets ready to go home after doing paperwork and being exhausted. Her thoughts echoing anyone that just wants to rest after a long day of work. But Dirk has other plans as he thinks they can spin something out of recent events. Booster and Trixie do have some nice exchanges showing concern for each other, he just doesn't pick up on her wanting to leave. Trixie can speak her mind it's just that she's still somewhat shy with doing it around these two. Dirk reminds Booster that he has a date for PR. with the star of a soap he's working guesting starring on. The date it's self is another visual thing that has to be seen to be believed. I've seen what people in Booster's time wear and while it can be tacky (depending on the designs) I don't recall anyone wearing what he does. After being in the past for two months he should have some idea how to dress. Granted Skeets isn't there but Dirk really let him go out like that?

His date Monica Lake claims they have been together for weeks and Booster awkwardly agrees. I've been noticing Booster act more uncomfortable than I remember and it's really cute. Now he is something of a playboy but with Monica it's pretty much just for the cameras. Once their gone she has no problem telling him off for not helping her play the perfect couple. Since they met only a hour prior he's a little confused. She scoffs at his lack of understanding of publicity. Spotting his ring she wonders what the "L" stands for only to be told it's magic then that he was born with his powers. More red herrings for the readers but they work given who Booster is at this point. He doesn't trust easily or have reason to do so. Despite Monica not caring he starts telling her about his heroic deeds. She's so thrilled to hear about them that she promptly falls asleep. Not that he's upset, he ditches her to go do his superhero thing and much to her annoyance that leaves her with the bill. Stay classy Booster.

The senator from before, named Ballard, tries to ask if Booster can campaign for him. Since he's in a hurry Booster only has time to remind him that his name isn't "Buster" before flying off. Ballard doesn't look pleased. Overhearing Boosters' conversation with a mysterious being over his wristband (can you guess who?) Thorn decides to follow him. The 1000 used to be the 100 who murdered her father so that's her stake in this. As you might have guess the voice belonged to Skeets and Booster explains how he knew his buddy was alright. They find the secret passage to the 1000 headquarters and Thorn follows. Trixie finally gets home, I guess a friend gave her a ride since I doubt she would have a date following her new workload. We meet her aunt Jeanie who's excited to show Trixie the news which features a rumor about Monica and Booster getting married. Trixie gets sad but doesn't comment on it. A nice subtle moment, the first apparent sign of her attraction to her boss.

After breaking in the duo fight the forces of the 1000 managing to do pretty well until Mindancer comes into the picture. The power she uses is pretty impressive but the fact that Booster survives is even more incredible. The shady man trying to find out who Booster it turns out is Senator Ballard who thinks it's time to make things hard for our hero. When Booster wakes he finds himself cuffed next to Blackguard ready to get the James Bond laser treatment. I only have a few minor nitpicks but otherwise no real complaints.

Questions Raised?: The Director is aware of Booster Gold but doesn't know who Skeets is? This is kinda of weird since he's sort of obsessed.

I'm guessing that Mindancer doesn't mean Brainiac Four when she mentions the forcefield, so just the main Brainiac that Superman fights?

Say What?: Boosters' nickname for Skeets, "Coach", is mentioned for the first time.

Booster apparently had an "absorbing field" that can fuse things together. Yeah it also gets dropped.

I don't recall Lex Luthor's standings with the law at this point post-crisis but Monica knows he's a super villain? Well I can see her being an ex that doesn't care. It's mentioned at one point that she's been married five times.

Did You Notice?: Booster wears the cape in the elevator.


  1. The "absorbing field" was part of the Mass Dispersal Field. It absorbed then redirected the force it had absorbed. I'm under the impression that this was originally based on Superman's phantom zone projector.

  2. Thanks, I'm not too well versed with Superman lore.