Monday, December 30, 2013

DC Collectibles to unveil another figure

On January 1st. I'd like for it to be one of my favorites being announced but who can say. It'll likely be linked to one of the lines/figures that have already been shown. So far this has been announced:

  • Earth 2: Wave 1 Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Wonder Woman (Diana) and Batman 2 (the ID was revealed on the facebook page but who knows if it was changed.) Wave 2 Hawkgirl Kendra.
  • Capullo line: Batman, Talon (William Cobb), Nightwing and the Riddler.
  • Teen Titans: Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Superboy.
  • RHATO?: Arsenal
Who knows what would be chosen from Earth 2 since Batman 2 was a surprise. I don't know if the Capullo line would do the bat family (I didn't like his Red Hood) but maybe something from year zero like the "first appearance" Batman? Red Robin would be a big deal for a lot of fans as would Red Hood. The countdown is on the DCC facebook page for anyone that's interested.

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