Sunday, December 15, 2013

Booster Gold #4 (Volume 1)

Another look back where it all started.


Title: "Crash"

I have to say Jugens has a great sense of pacing that a lot of comics could benefit from. Thus far we got some pretty solid action scenes and started building up the main cast. He's able to balance the excitement of the superhero life well with the quieter more personal moments. I've come across a lot of stories that end on a cliffhanger but don't do it in a way that works so smoothly. The breaks here work well with the plot and as a result flows better. I have some back issues from other 80s comics and this is one of the few I can jump right in instead of needing a few issues to get into the right mind frame. That being said there are still a few odd comic book quirks to this but nothing that really outrages me. For example the laser Booster and Blackguard are being threatened with is a solar drill. Okay fair enough.

I've never been sold on Thorns' cameo in this arc which still feel unneeded to me, Yes she has a personal stake in this but she's just a means to an end. Booster is captured so she comes to his aid. I don't feel I know much about her even with the information about her fathers' death. Really you could have any hero in her place and there wouldn't be much difference with the outcome. If there was no extra hero following Booster then Skeets could have escaped and freed him. With all the tech on display it's also odd to have this barely dressed hero (who doesn't realize she's doing all this) running around using "smoke thorns" and "acid thorns." It sort of took me out of the sci-fi superhero/villain battle. Plus no one knows who she is? She's maskless, at least tell me she wears glasses as Rose.

Back at the apartment Trixie shares with her aunt Jeanie they talk about the gossip with Trixie admitting she doesn't know if it's true. Jeanie told some reporters wanting to speak to Trixie that she'd be glad to talk to them. This doesn't sit well with her niece who refuses to talk to any reporters much less tabloids. This is a good character moment for Trixie as she gets frustrated with all the talk of money. She's far more perceptive than anyone else as she notices how Booster pretends to be open but never actually talks about himself. Trixie knows that he's a mystery to her and wonders where he came from. Jurgens art is wonderful, I know it sort of speaks for it's self but I'm really a fan of these quiet bits especially with Trixie. It says so much about her without needing a single word bubble.

Mindancer gets the fight started by taking over Blackguard to attack them along with the robot the Director previously controlled. I thought the link was for him alone to control but I guess not. During this Booster does another move you don't see anymore, a dangerous one that has him channeling the suits' power through his body to make him more powerful. It's super effective. Thorn unmasks Mindancer which leads to a very WTF moment. Mindancer doesn't have a face but a skull (that wears a wing over her mask) with eyes, a tongue and little strands of hair. She promises to kill Thorn for the unmasking, punches her then flees never to be seen again. Thorn leaves shortly after and that's it for her cameo.

After turning Blackguard in and revealing the hideout to the cops Booster naturally explains all of this on tv. This is likely where he started to piss Superman off (although his reaction isn't seen) since he talks about it being right under Supermans' nose the whole time. While he admits it was lined in lead he also uses this as an example of why he's needed in the city. He's right of course it's just that he's stepping on toes even if he doesn't realize it yet. Skip from Blaze comics puts Benny and Marty in charge of the writing and art for their planned Booster Gold comic series. Some great Teen Titan allusions are made that might bring a smile to your face.

All is not well however as Senator Ballard gives us the greatest cliffhanger yet. Worse than the threat of the solar drill, more shocking than Skeets apparent death and far more dangerous than Mindancer. That's right, the IRS want to know why Booster Gold has never paid his income taxes! Booster wonders what taxes their talking about.

This is still a fun read although there are some weird things in this issue. Thorn was obviously going to play a bigger part but since she didn't her appearance didn't really add anything. Still nothing that I hated or changed the tone of the book.

Say What?: Trixies' real name is revealed to be Theresa.

Twice Booster claims Thorn seems kind of familiar but we haven't had any other meetings between the two in this book. Nothing really comes of this. I'm not sure if that blonde at the end is supposed to be her...she just knows the name.

Despite not enjoying herself and hoping a supervillain would harm Booster Monica Lake nevertheless called Dirk to arrange another date once Booster saved the day.

Did you notice?: Booster wears the cape to a interview.


  1. For some reason or another, I have never read these...I probably should.

  2. They are a whole lot of fun, one of the older series that's still easy to get into.