Friday, December 13, 2013

Booster Gold #2 (Volume 1)

I'm hoping one of the various rumors about Booster being in a new series is true. But for now more of a look back at where it all began.


Title: "Cold Redemption"

We open to a recap to the end of last issue as Booster trips out a little. The public can't understand why he was defeated so easily when the woman that stole the satellite barely did anything. It's really cleverly done, showing how fast image can be destroyed and how perception hides the truth from the civilians. Booster was hit with something that affected his mind making him feel woozy. It's not something he was really prepared for or knows how to combat. But knowing the world is watching he gets back onto his feet and decides to take questions. This is the first taste of negative feedback he gets for his role as a hero. Booster takes it pretty hard as one reporter claims he's a mockery to heroes because he makes money selling products. It addresses a lot of the concerns readers have with the character head on and shows how he really feels. Really he's kind of taken aback that people see it that way. Dirk isn't so pleased with what he views as Booster ruining all the hard work he did building him up through PR. work. Our agent isn't looking too great as he throws in a sexist remark about being defeated by a woman which makes Trixie silently seethe.

The woman in question Booster has trouble with is known as Mindancer. While she has some potential there's not much to her. Just her powers and her job, beyond that not much is built up. I really liked some of the touches with her using her mental powers and would have liked to seen more done with her. The limitations for example are pretty interesting. She works as a mercenary for a group that's going to be Boosters' first challenge the 1000 who are under the command of the Director. He's pleased with her work and wants her to bring Blackguard to him to pay for his failure.

While it's obvious that Trixie will be the love interest Jurgens plays this card by being a little sneaky. At the moment Boosters' just her boss but she worries about his well being. She's the one person who not only considers how he really feels but wonders who he is on a deeper level. That's introduced here as her number one concern is how he's doing not the public image that could very well affect her job. Despite not knowing him that well she believes in him and is taken aback by his self doubts. Which granted is a pretty big change from how he acted last issue. Dirk comes upon this scene and doesn't take things as well as Trixie. This is a bit that likely will make you hate Dirk as he basically reduces Booster to a child pointing out that he needs to do better and owes much to him. Going as far as telling Booster to do what he says, when he says it and even date who he tells him to just for the sake of the image he's trying to sell. Otherwise he wouldn't succeed in his goals. At this point Dirks' really not invested in either Booster or Trixie as anything other than a paycheck and a employee.

Much to his amazement Booster doesn't do as he says but reminds Dirk who he works for. Something that he can easily change. That's a wake up call in a lot of ways, not just putting him in his place. Dirk realizes his client isn't who he thought he was, that Booster actually cares beyond the profit. There are a lot of quieter moments I appreciate in this series. The bit with Booster and Skeets in the penthouse is one of those moments. He realizes the countrys' defense has to do with the satellite defense system which is now in the wrong hands. It's not just about him having fun anymore. He's in over his head with the media and insolated in the past. The part where he says they can't go home is just heartbreaking. I just can't get how people think that Boosters' just a guy that only wants money. He has depth and it was there right from the beginning.

A lady shows up to get info on the 1000 and gets it before disappearing. She'll be around for a couple of issues.

Another thing that readers don't give enough credit to his Dan Jurgens humor. The commercial of Booster eating his cereal is--dare I say--gold. At least until he's reminded by more people that he needs to improve his image fast because his popularity is slipping. All is not lost as Skip from Blaze Comics still wants to make a Booster Gold comic. Sadly that has to be put on hold as Mindancer choses that moment to break Blackguard out of prison. Back at the shady men headquarters the test results came back from the glass with Boosters' fingerprints. No one can find any records of him and the man in charge of this operation is open to any possibility.

Trixie has her own amusing interaction with the many people trying to get an appointment. If you don't feel sorry for her dealing with these insane people you have no soul.

Booster has to fight not only Blackguard but Mindancer with the cameras' shooting the whole thing. Since Mindancer can't affect Skeets Booster thinks it'll be a good idea to have him keep her busy. After personally dealing with Blackguard we learn that she gets her power by draining the minds of those nearby. I guess this isn't normal mental powers as Booster thinks it has to do with how she was able to get through his forcefield? Mental powers don't usually work that way. She can't enter his mind again, it's pretty much stated that without extra power his minds' too strong for her to affect again. The same can't be said for a guard that she makes see a dragon. Booster goes to stop him from unknowingly shooting the camera crew just as Blackguard takes aim for Skeets.

Say What?: You gotta love that while all the other reporters are asking relevant questions regarding his defeat one guy thinks asking if Booster Gold is his real name is important.

According to Skeets Blackguard has a small role in history while Mindancer is better known for being a big danger.

Three Wowzers and one Boosterrific. That's four Wowzers and two Boosterrifics if you count last issue.

Much as I like the penthouse scene it was foolish of Booster to not consider the media willing to tear down his image after his own scandal. No that wasn't revealed yet but still in hindsight.

They were actually filming a cereal commercial outside a prison? The same one that happened to have Blackguard in it? Wouldn't a set be safer? Well I could see the Director (the villain not the commercial director) knowing this but filming it outside a real prison still seems odd to me.

Did You Notice?: Booster showed up "Two Months ago."

After the commercial shooting Booster wears the cape into the fight. I didn't remember him having it prior to this re-reading so maybe he fought with it more than I remember. Regardless he takes it off after firing a few shots before he goes man to man with Blackguard.


  1. No, you're right. The cape gets phased out pretty quick. Its all but forgotten by the end of the first year, much like the MDF power.

  2. Plus the power in the next issue.