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Booster Gold #13 (Volume 1)

Where things get worse for Booster, a certain costume is finally unveiled and Booster is introduced to the most important person in his life.


Title: "The Tomorrow Run"

Right from the first page you know things are dire as Dirk tells everyone that Booster is dying. Not from his injuries from last issue and the doctors are stumped. Jack Soo brings up the fact Boosters' tech is too far advanced for Earth at present and asks where he's from. Dirk doesn't know but Trixie reluctantly admits he's a time traveler. This stuns Dirk but Soo takes it pretty calmly stating it actually explains a lot. He thinks that the environment is so different from Boosters' time that the bacteria is deadly to him. Another example of Jurgens using his head to introduce realistic beats and give unexpected turns. Soo thinks the only way they can save Booster is finding a way to return him to the future.

Superheroes aren't something the public favors at the moment which leads to a mob outside the hospital Booster is staying at. A nurse can't stand Boosters' attitude and lectures him on needing the limelight when he can do good things without getting the credit. She's a little too preachy for my taste but she seems to affect him. Team Booster enters to see their friend and co-worker with Dirk mentioning that Sarah is doing fine thanks to Trixie being with her. The head of the hospital wants to kick Booster out before the mob tears everything apart. Before anyone can do anything the angry crowd breaks in and the trio scrabble to figure out a plan. Going to his car Soo pulls out the uniform he's been working on for the female partner Dirk wanted to set Booster up with. Since Trixie is the only one that fits it she has to wear it in order to save the day. She doesn't want to wear the thing but will as long as she covers her face from the crazy mob.

Inside Boosters' room he threatens to uses his powers on them if they don't back up hoping they believe the lie. No one believes his bluff and it seems hope is lost. He's cornered with a gun aimed at him when a new hero arrives through the window. Face covered by a helmet Trixie dubs herself Goldstar and uses the suits' magnetic powers to remove the gun and get Booster out of there. The banter between the two is playful and dare I say flirty. Booster teasing how she looks in tights and Trixie commenting on his indecent state (ie. hospital gown.) Dressing back in his costume (which is repaired thanks to Soo but still powerless) he accept his flight ring back from Trixie. Skeets is still broken at the moment. They take his personal plane along with Dirk and Soo. While aboard Booster tries to get the three of them to back out of helping him. Trixie and Dirk are staying out of loyalty, the new comer Jack Soo admits he wants to see the wonders of the future. Booster fills them all in on his origin to let them know what their getting into, everyone's disappointed by the truth.

Trixie admits it's hard to see superheroes as regular people with real problems since they seem so prefect. Soo brings them to meet a friend of his that he thinks will help. This also explains why he took the news of Booster being a time traveler so well. This is the first time Booster Gold was introduced to Rip Hunter. Which is likely the reason for Booster getting his hair cut much like Rip changing his looks in volume 2 partly having to do with reader confusing the blonds. This version of Rip Hunter isn't related to Michael Jon Carter, his origins are explored in Time Masters but his name is stated to be Ripley Hunter here. Soo says he's a former classmate and "the youngest person ever to write a doctorate at MIT." Our not-yet-a-time-master claims he was tempted to turn them in himself but believes they can help each other out. This is sort of in line with his claim in Time Masters not to like heroes. I say sort of because other than these two mentions he never shows any real problem with superheroes and certainly not Booster.

Since they know a good deal about time travel they seem to hit it off alright and compare notes. Boosters' able to help Rip make adjustments based on what he recalls from his own stolen time sphere. Everyone except Dirk goes on the trip to the future, this is to cool off the law and find a new HQ for them. It may not seem like it at the time but it's a pretty big deal. They get into the sphere and Rip gives Booster a little lecture that's actually pretty funny in ways Jurgens didn't intend. First it's very familiar to teaching in volume 2 and secondly because Rip behaves far more "irresponsible" in his own mini series. He trails off once they arrive at their destination and this is another iconic scene for me. The shot of Gotham City in 2462 then the reactions of Rip, Soo/Trixie and Booster. My favorite is Rips' pure joy at seeing his invention work. You don't get to see his character just give into the moment often and to see it like this makes me glad he's always had an important role in Booster Golds' series.

They land and discover the controls aren't working for the time sphere. Booster decides to take Trixie with him when he returns to his family leaving the other two to fix things. When he gets back to his old apartment he gets horrible news. His mom died while he was gone and his sister was kicked out.

Jurgens really hit it out of the park last arc and this one's even better. It's kinda of sad to say since Michelle has appeared in the Goldstar suit more but Trixie fairs far better in the role. In this one issue she saved Boosters' life and stopped some guys from shooting them dead. This issue had a good amount of action and heart. Booster learns to trust more, he's accepted and Rips' reaction to his lifes' work succeeding always brings a smile. Speaking of Rip I enjoyed his meeting with Booster and how he describes time travel or at least his theories. Booster himself gets a fair amount of drama but nevertheless puts on a brave face. His excitement over seeing his loved ones quickly turns to devastation at their loss. How can you not root for him?

Questions Raised?: How old is Rip supposed to be? It says that he's been studying/working on this for 20 years. In Time Masters it shows his interest in history started when he was a child and Jack Soo says he was young in MIT. Younger than him perhaps? He doesn't look much older than Booster who is 20-21 here.

Say What?: The reason Booster didn't get sick fast? He guesses it was because of his forcefield that kept him safe for awhile. Not taking any chances Rip, Soo and Trixie all get vaccinations before going to the future.

Did You Notice?: The Carter family lived in apartment D 37.

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