Saturday, December 7, 2013

If Jason Todd hadn't died...

I found this while surfing the net and this would have happened if Jason wasn't killed in Death of the Family.

Jason would have been in a coma, which makes sense given the injuries he suffered. But if that was the only long term plan they had it's a real cheat. For some reason Dicks' present while he was away in the other version, TT stated he was actually off planet when it happened. Bruce still has his aghast but it doesn't seem like Superman was around and I'm hoping the Joker/Ambassador plot wasn't in the script either.


  1. The only pages that would have been swapped were the splash panel and the following page containing either a hospital scene or funeral. Book 4 would have been the same regardless, maybe some revised pieces of dialogue but that's it. The UN plot still would have been featured, as nuts as that is. There simply wouldn't have been enough time to compose two different book 4s to this story or a second half to book 3. Only 4 pages were done. One to confirm he's dead, the other alive bad badly off.

  2. Yeah it was a futile hope because that plot made no sense. Either way Jason would have gotten screwed over here.