Friday, December 13, 2013

Solicits are finally here!

Anyone else waiting for these to come out? Apparently within the next month or so big changes are coming to DCnU. But thankfully at least one of these titles is getting one early and only time will tell if that was a good thing in the long run.

I'm already sick of Ra's Al Ghul from RHATO and he's appearing here and possibly in Batman and Robin? So much for the BIG impact RHATO was supposed to have.
Speaking of the books with Ra's mentioned the thing that this solicit made me wonder is if Aquababy still existed. Any Aquaman fans know? I heard that Mera and him aren't married so I guess it didn't happen. If it did it would be a nice moment between him and Bruce. Well if Bruce has any nice moments in this title. I'm guessing that Damian will come back which will be another re-trend of what Jason went through. If he doesn't just end this book because I don't see much point.
Catwoman is tired of slumming it, so she’s making her bid for high society. There, she’ll find her greatest challenge yet: proving herself the best thief in the world! “The Race of Outlaws” starts here!
I'm amazed Nocenti is still writing it after all the negative feedback I've seen. I haven't read one nice thing about it. I do wonder if the Outlaw thing is a tie into something else or just a Catwoman storyline.
With Nightwing questioning his purpose, will he be able to stop Mr. Zsasz’s relentless rampage through Chicago? Don’t miss this epic story that ties into the events of FOREVER EVIL!
I must admit I never thought we'd see the story of Dick defeating Zsasz before the start of Forever Evil. There are a few rumors about Dick, one of which says #30 will have a new female Nightwing. Dick himself is supposed to move to a new book where he'll lead fellow "Outlaws." Which is a odd choice considering another book with that in it's title.
Jason and Kori set out to deliver justice to alien murderers, but they’ll need to steal a spaceship to do it! Now who in The New 52 has something like that they could “borrow”…?"
Will Pfeifer from Catwoman fame and the infamous Amazons Attack takes over from Tynion. I think I've made my stance on Tynions' writing on the title clear but I'm not sure about the new writer. I know that just because someone has a bad crossover series to their name doesn't mean that their a bad writer. Mandates and such do tend to rear their ugly heads in the big two industries. I'm a little leery of new writers, more so with this title since many seem to have a bias against Jason or don't understand him. At least Pfeifer understood Selina, for the most part. I just hope Lobo isn't in this because no one at DC seems to know what the hell is up with him.


 Superman and Starfire must deal with a cache of deadly alien weapons – and its horrifying impact on the innocents who find them! But first, these two heroes will have to stop fighting each other before someone ends up dead!

I may I have to get this because the more Outlaws the better. Although I'm not a fan of the cover that makes Kori look bad for attacking Superman who's protecting a kid. I always find it funny when other heroes don't like Superman.


Supergirl as a Red Lantern. This is a idea what can go either way but images like this make me think it's a bad idea.

The Reds have found their newest recruit: Supergirl! Guy Gardner is hardly equipped to handle a teenaged Kryptonian Red Lantern, so he heads for Earth and hand her off to her cousin, Superman! But Superman is…unimpressed by Guy’s leadership skills – or lack thereof
Guy is so smug here like he's saying "well lookie here, someone picked my team over yours." Clark looks like he's a bird hitting to glass. Add those two images with a shot of Kara burning her costume and all you need is some jerky text to be a Silver Age Superman cover. The one thing that gives me hope for this storyline is the idea of Guy being a mentor to Kara. So far this is just coming off as a temper tantrum that amazes Guy and scares the crap out of everyone else. As for the solicit, Superman you need to stop pissing people off. Starfire already dislikes you along with Roy and Jason. Plus you suck at getting along with time travelers. At this rate most of the DCU will be attacking you on sight for be a jerk. Besides it could be worse, Hal could be training her. Given his past interest in her that's not a good thing.


Hal Jordan, the greatest Green Lantern in the history of the Corps, has lost everything.

There's too much emphasis on him having to be the best. I think I'm a pretty decent GL fan, not as hardcore as some but I read enough to know other GLs. Nothing I read made Hal the best. I'm not sure there is any character that come off that way. It's all based on taste and reading otherwise rubs me the wrong way.


X'hal is the goddess Starfire talks about and they did a story with her in TT but this one might be more interesting. Carol are you really upset Kyle is with someone else? I don't know what the story is with you two but it's for the best. Given the history with Hal and Kyle's history with women? Not a good mix.


  1. Egad. I'm a little sick of Ra's too. Still not too sure about Damian's resurrection being a good or bad thing, but I'm sure it is inevitable.

    Superman is such a nice guy...except when he is being a colossal jerk. Frankly, having Guy as a mentor wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Better than having Batman, that's for sure! I know that Superman didn't dump Kara in an orphanage in this universe, but still...!

    Hal hasn't been looking too good lately, has he? He's as gorgeous as ever, but he has never handled authority well, and now he IS the authority! And yes, Carol has no reason to be jealous of poor Kyle. I still don't know if Kyle has any feelings for her whatsoever, and I think she's just doing this for a little payback for Hal.

    Gosh, Green Lanterns are complicated!

  2. The only way Damians' return will work for me is if he didn't die. He has all these clones so it only makes sense for them to be used like this since their basically created for fodder. Nothing original has come from his death and it's been done better.

    Superman can be such a jerk and I can't help but find it funny. Guy could make a good mentor, if nothing else it should be interesting to see him try. Yeah at least Guy doesn't mentally/emotionally torture kids. I guess Kara isn't handling what happened to Kon well.

    The leader role for Hal isn't a perfect fit. In something like the Corps it shouldn't be one person in charge. Maybe a council of GLs from other planets? Granted Carol doesn't own Hal anything but why Kyle? I like him okay it just seems a little random outside the fact she works with him and he's close to Hal.