Thursday, December 19, 2013

Booster Gold #9 (Volume 1)

The greatest bit of the origin is revealed here: why is he called Booster Gold?


Title: "The Time Bridge Chapter 2"

The fight continues from last issue and it's a excellent display of skill, smarts and weirdness. Another example of why Booster is far smarter than most writers think. Caught in Chameleon Boys' tangled limbs Booster figures out how to shock the shapeshifter using his suit. He may of needed Skeets help to put the suit together but Booster still knows a thing or two. This is before he ever met Ted Kord people, hell this is the first time he dons the costume and throws down with anyone. The Legion members are experienced heroes that he's taking on. Down to two attackers now he faces Ultra Boy and puts his time as a quarterback to use. Still nothing seems to work until Ultra Boys' over-explaining himself works against him. Picking up on the guy saying he was switching a power Booster figures out that his foe can only use one power at a time. This leaves him to Brainy which if you've been following you realize their both using the same forcefield. The results are pretty interesting but Booster recovers from the surprise before Brainy.

Chiller explains his plan to Reagan and Bush preparing to kill them when their saved--by Skeets! Luckily on the way to assist his robot buddy Booster and the Legion trio finally figure out that their on the same side. While Booster does deflect a shot meant for Reagan the fight's not over as Chiller has a surprise up his sleeve. Despite not knowing what he's capable yet with his power suit Booster senses he'll be okay when he heads towards possible death. The day is saved but Chiller still manages to escape. The heroes talk about Boosters' destiny and what to do with him. Brainy realizes that since there's no record of Michael Carter being brought to justice he has to stay in the past or else they risk their own existence.

Still there's the matter of the time paradox to solve. How does Booster have a flight ring and a forcefield belt when he was born hundreds of years before Legion was formed? Brainy gave the president those items to protect himself with which will be kept in the past until they go to the museum.

Ready to become a superhero Booster tells Skeets that he already picked out his superhero name, Goldstar. With the president by his side and all the reporters Booster gets nervous. When asked what his name is he fumbles getting the words out instantly saying his nickname "Booster." He tries to correct himself only getting Gold out when Reagan introduces him as Booster Gold. Not wanting to embarrass the president by changing it he decides to keep the name.

We're brought back to the current Booster Gold plot with Dirk worrying over his daughters' safely. He plasters on a smile when dealing with Monica Lake who demands to know if she'll be in the movie. Dirks' thoughts reveal that he has no plans on including her even as he suggests otherwise. No one else is a fan of her either which in it's self is amusing. On a more serious note the 1000 has captured our beloved Blaze Comic book team to mentally get as much info as they can about Booster. The Director orders for them to be killed afterward as he begins to tear down everything Booster holds dear until nothing is left.

I'd rank this above the Superman two parter since Booster made every scene he was in enjoyable. The Chiller villain really didn't really stand out but Booster was constantly having fun and it's hard not be affected by his joy. Even the Legion members seemed to have moments were they were showing off to try to out do him. The kicker is the ending with The Director hatching the start of his plan and the shock of the Blaze Comic guys. This is what makes the Director pretty close to being a good archenemy for Booster.

Question Raised?: How did Chillers' bulky costume fit underneath a suit? His shapeshifting isn't as smooth as Chameleon Boys'.

Did the 1000 henchmen escape from the helicopter Booster flew into? The cockpit seemed okay, we don't see them go anywhere but the ones from the helicopter Ultra Boy smashes are seen fleeing.

Did You Notice?: Dirk was one of the people watching as Booster flew off to save the president wondering how to market him. Yet he acted like he was taking a chance on Booster on a whim previously.

Say What?: Since there's supposed to be a nuclear war between the present and Boosters' time he admits that he didn't know it hadn't happened yet. He's not really sure what to do now that he knows. This plot will be mentioned a little more although the idea will be explored in the Time Masters mini series.

I noticed that the blonds' name is Rose, is she supposed to be Thorn? If so I never noticed that detail before.

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