Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ranking Year Zero Tie Ins

In order of favorite to least.


Title: Catwoman

Favorite Scene: Selina bringing out the whip and revealing she took it from the circus backroom at the party. It's the first time she uses it and realizes how naturally it comes to her. I was grinning when I saw the splash page of her attacking with it and it's such a iconic moment.

Favorite Line: "A collection of the most loathsome, selfish and vile people in the city. Actively celebrating, while an entire city is suffering. Celebrating because the entire city is suffering. I'd really rather not be here with these people. Nonetheless if I have can make damn sure I'm going to make an entrance."

I love this line for a few reasons the first being how it highlights one of the major problems with Gotham. That's the upper class that's just as bad if not worse than Batmans' rogue galley. It also says a great deal about Selina, why she is the way she is and I love it dearly for it.

Things I wasn't fond of: Only the implication that Selina left a woman undressed (and judging by the art) passed out. I'd like to think she put the woman in some hidden place because of the pervy things going on in that room she was found in.

To Sum Up: This had Selina stealing for a good cause and had some nice nods to things to come. It also featured her friend Lola who's died during Winicks' run. A good story that took advantage of the Year Zero outline and gave some nice insight on the lead.

Title: Batgirl

Favorite Scene: Barbara has a lot of good heroic moments but I liked the bit at the start where she has a stand off with the man trying to get supplies for his family. He's desperate and willing to resort to pulling a gun on her. It's one of the moments I wished more of these issues capsulized on as it really got into how crazy Gotham can become when it's people are scared. The art really shows this with the other citizens in the background and the detail the writer puts when Jim notices her shaking was a nice touch.

Favorite Line: "Wait for a hero? Barbara Joan Gordan--be your own damn hero."

Things I wasn't fond of: How Henry's turn was treated, while he says he's sorry he looks pretty pleased. That didn't work with the whole desperate situation it just seemed like something he was doing because he could. He even gives a villains' "I'll see you later" bit. James also showed concern for Barbara and his character isn't supposed to be someone that can empathize with others.

To Sum Up: This captured the environment perfectly and showed Barbara being a big damn hero. That said it could have easily seen this story with Stephanie if you took out her family.

Title: Red Hood and the Outlaws

Favorite Scene: While a touch cliché I liked Jason waking up with a bandaged Joker looming over him. This reminded me not just of DITF but also their encounter during the DOTF tie in.

Favorite Line: It has to be the Jokers' talk to Red Hood wearing Jason because not much works for me. It's creepier if you think about the implications of Joker "creating" Robin 2.

"Did I create you, too? It's getting hard to remember...Oh, were you sleeping? Wakey Wakey. Hello, there. No, don't be frightened. It'll be oh-so-much better this way when I'm done. I have so many ideas...I can't wait for you to see them. Well, not you. Him. I can't wait for him to see them."

Things I wasn't fond of: A lot of things. Basically Jason's out of character moments, forcing more "Jason has his life manipulated" plots that have to connect everything and the nonsensical retcons involving the Untitled. This is only ranked higher than Nightwing because Jason was still likable and it still had enjoyable moments.

To Sum Up: If the whole issue had just Joker/the Red Hood Gang/Jason it would have worked so much better. But nope, Talia apparently became obsessed with Jason before Bruce and made him the heir after spending a few hours with him. I don't get why the Untitled are even being used if their story keeps getting butchered.

Title: Nightwing

Favorite Scene: Uh...there wasn't anything that really stood out. I guess I liked when Dick was told that his behavior towards his friends was crappy. He wasn't very likable in this so even his other scenes were meh and pretty dull despite the seemingly random monster attacking them.

Favorite Line: In Nightwing #0 I picked a line that ended with Mary Grayson telling her son he was still grounded. How weird is it that my favorite one in this issue is her husband telling off Dick for his showboating?

"You know, your friends respect how talented you are, Dick. It wouldn't kill you to treat them the same way."

The sad thing is I can't quote anything that says Dick Grayson, I just picked this one because I'm glad someone told Dick why he was being a jerk.

Things I wasn't fond of: Dick. He lived up to his name and had to show off too much. He doesn't get why his friends are mad and at the end only seems willing to make amends because he saw two long time friends sever ties. As someone that doesn't read Nightwing a lot the monster seemed pointless and didn't fit. While I didn't hate the masks bit it really wasn't there for any other purpose than to draw readers in via the cover. In story Dick only does it to show their a team like the movie they saw. Jason's reason for wearing his mask in RHATO at least made more sense.

To Sum Up: This isn't Dick Grayson. Dick isn't a swellheaded limelight stealing diva that can't understand others emotions. His empathy was a big part of his character. While this was better than the #0 issue little seem to happen. Not much of the storm/blackout was really on display just the after effects of the power outage letting a monster out. I didn't like the lead, there wasn't much story and it just felt kind of pointless. Out of all the characters that tie in Dick's the only one that's not Gotham raised and it really didn't add anything to his character. No new important information or anything I can really admire anymore than I normally would.

Impact the Leads made on Gotham?:

Selina Kyle: brought power to the people in need.

Barbara Gordon: Saved many lives from drowning during the flood.

Jason Todd: Stopped the Red Hood Gang from rising under the leadership of a random Untitled that wanted to cause chaos. For some reason.

Dick Grayson: Saved three lives and potentially got the circus connected to the mob.

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