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Booster Gold #16 (Volume 1)

Since it's the twins birthday (or will be) here's another review to celebrate it! Oh, and Booster meets somebody that will have great importance in his life.


Title: "Fresh Start"

Dirk shows Booster the mansion he picked out for the new headquarters. Trixie, Michelle, Rip and Soo show up for a meeting to discuss their future plans. Booster offers them all a chance to move in if need be and shows them the lay out for the place. The next stage of operations is being discussed as Goldstar Inc. officially becomes Booster Gold International. This is something Jurgens builds up that sort of gets forgotten but it's made clear that the events of the series has changed the Corporate Crusaders' ideas on profiting while being a superhero. He doesn't want to be a pawn by endorsing other companies or depending on other labs when he has people capable of doing the same things. He's also taking more responsibility than before with security so those in his employ are safe. Yet he still wants to be accessible to those that need him, something other heroes aren't.

Everyone is excited over the changes, Rip even offers his services for potential time travel research (why invite him otherwise) when Monica Lake makes a unwanted appearance. She demands a part in the BG movie and Booster finally tells her to get lost. Things get nasty when she tells him that she used him and he fires back that they mutually used each other. It ends with Booster saying he's not a one woman type of man which upsets Trixie. Michelle seems to have picked up on Trixie's attraction to her brother and may in fact like the pairing. (More of that in another issue.)

In his interview Booster informs the public that he will be taking responsibility by footing the bill for reconstruction after the battle that resulted in Reilleau towers being destroyed. Since most superhero battles have taxpayers funding repairs this wins the peoples' favor. This is really a good move showing how much he's grown as a hero. I mean the only person I can think of in DCU that does anything close to this is Batman. But of course not everyone is thrilled as Clark Kent shows what a jealous ass he is by being unimpressed with the "loudmouthed showboat." Sheesh you think he'd be happy, you can't win with this guy.

The siblings have a rare moment together that gives some good insight to Michelles' personality. She doesn't take the superhero thing seriously and thinks Skeets is just a robot. Where Booster is more emotional and attached she is more logical. Note that she refers to Skeets as a it while Booster speaks like Skeets is a person. Michelle says she's not interested in the superhero world and wants to travel to learn more about her the new time. This is sort of expanded on in volume 2 when she travels with Drew but she never gets the same fish out of water vibe as her brother.

Knowing that Trixie is bummed out after hearing what Booster said to Monica Dirk arrives to cheer her up with his daughter. Trixie doesn't want to hang out with Dirk but she can't say no to Sarah. It seems that Dirk has grown pretty found of the red head as he agrees with Sarah that she's the nicest woman he's met in awhile.

Cheshire of Teen Titans fame shows up to set up another plot as does Hawk (Hank Hall.) I'll save all the talk about the plot for that issue. As for Cheshire, I never liked her costume. It's just not practical or attractive. As a character I was always somewhat indifferent to her only having a soft spot when Lian came up. In the new 52 I went from being amused to freaked out by her. Here she's more in control and well, sane. Hawk gets on my nerves for being so aggressive to the point he's annoying. This has been the case no matter who writes him.

A mysterious man sneaks into the mansion only to be tackled by Booster. This man is in fact Maxwell Lord who's coming to offer the long sought after membership to the Justice League. Naturally he's thrilled but do members get paid? Max already begins to regret his decision but history is already in the making folks!

Other than the Cheshire/Hawk plot threads (which didn't keep my interest) this was a good read. The lead has gone on a great journey from where he started off in #1. Trixie and Dirk look like they might be starting something. Michelle starts to look for her place in the world. This was pretty much a breather issue that didn't have much action but I didn't mind that.

Say What?: Michelle claims that Booster just got through school because he was a jock. This could be a joke as Booster seemed to be devoted enough to go back to school and loved history.

Monica and Booster were never really a item so I'm not sure why he said he's not the type to settle down with one woman. Plot-wise to get Trixie upset but in 'verse? To make her mad? To show her that he never took their "relationship" seriously? He never cared for her anyway. Actually there's only one reason I can think of him saying this and it's not just for Monicas' benefit. Further explanations will come in the last issue.

Booster spells it out to us that the cape is mainly for press conferences and he doesn't think it makes sense in a fight. That's right, BOOSTER not Superman thinks it's unsuited for him.

The reason Booster doesn't have his forcefield on all the time after the future arc is to prevent him from getting sick again. His body needs to get used to the bacteria of the time.

Sarah Davis says her mom left them. I assume she means her mother is still alive and given what happens later I hope she is.

Did You Notice?: Why is that thing that I can only describe as a red crotch bug on Booster for the body scan? Is his power there because I thought it was in the wrists and the belt...which is higher up.

The soap opera Trixie is watching. Please write this in other books Mr. Jurgens I suspect it would be highly entertaining.

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