Thursday, December 5, 2013

Short Review: Catwoman #25

Another comic I don't get too often but with Layman writing the issue I thought I'd give it a try.


The Who: Selina Kyle
Age: ? I have no idea how old Selina would be in this timeline. Likely younger than Bruce but some books write him like he's in his 30s while he'd still be in his 20s according to the math Snyder wrote.
The Situation: After finding out the rich are wasting supplies to indulge themselves Selina thinks it's time to take what's needed and give it to the less lucky.

A enjoyable issue that has Selina risking her neck once a jackass rich guy decides to muscle over a store just to throw a party to celebrate the storm. She uses her wits and the supplies she picked up from a mountain climber to crash the party and take the goods. While there she discovers a means to power a few blocks. Like Batgirl this really uses the storm/black out situation to it's advantage and helps develop the hero for the better. I will say that I smiled when her whip got it's own origin.

Unlike the other three Year Zero issues I read this is the only one that truly feels like a story intended for the lead character. Barbara's felt like it could have been attached to someone else if her family wasn't included. Dicks' made him such an ass that it might as well have been a new character. Jason's pushed too many plots in and likewise got rid of a chunk of his personality. I suppose the same idea of Jason stealing supplies could have been applied to him but a lot of the details and character beats would have had to be changed.

There's not much to say since it's really a straight forward story of Selina playing Robin Hood. I don't regret getting this and it didn't frustrate me. So all things considered it was better than a lot of my reads over the past few months. It's the kind of tale that's not groundbreaking but still fun.

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