Thursday, April 3, 2014

At hint at Dicks' fate in Batgirl #30?

I normally don't look at Batgirl previews but I noticed there was a different writer, Marguerite Bennett who's work I liked in the past, and was curious. Page three has some curious wording from Barbara in regards to the first boy wonders' fate in Forever Evil.


Basically Barbara is trying hard not to think about Dick while still remembering how he'd make fun of her for seeing scary movies even though they'd likely freak her out. The way she says this seems to imply Dick is either dead, beyond anyone's reach (maybe on another world?) or in a coma. But keep in mind that Forever Evil and Nightwing #30 are delayed with rumors floating around that they are being rewritten.

Also...usually she won't go into a private home? Uh, I'm pretty sure she would as a bat.

Anyway we'll see if this changes when Forever Evil #7 comes out.

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