Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Superdickery Day 2: Superman VS. the Outlaws

This issue is honestly packed with superdickery from Superman to the Outlaws treatment of him. Yes it's the standard "let's fight over a misunderstanding" but it's so much fun. Superman wants to talk (later on they find out it's Starfire he want to speak with) and they don't want him around at all. Partly because they think he's after them due to their status as outlaws but mainly because they don't like him. Arsenal thinks he's a jerk and Starfires' people aren't thrilled with Krypton in general. Red Hood is cautious over his powers/doesn't like him personally, he's the only one that's stated to have worked with him in the past. (My next entry will show a possible reason for Jasons' fear of his power.) Superman doesn't think too highly of most of them (he does admit Jason was a hero that saved his life) and says would gladly haul them in instead of asking for their help. The only real reason he doesn't try is because Batman vouches for Jason. (Much to the former sidekicks' shock.)

The funniest example of the teams' attitude toward him is when Superman knocks on their spaceship and Roy suggests they just ignore him. Superman can hear them of course then they decide to just teleport to Earth to avoid dealing with him. It doesn't work but they get an "A" for effort.

To paraphrase Jason from the issue, Supermans' an ass even when he's not trying to be one.


  1. You kind've get the idea that in the new 52 Universe, NOBODY really likes Superman all that much!

  2. Really? I haven't read enough to say either way.

  3. Well, the Military thinks that he's a menace. The Green Lanterns are all a little wary of him, as is the Justice League, and everyone is terrified that he's knocking boots with Wonder Woman. I get the impression that people think he's going to be taking over the world any day now.

  4. Wow, that makes his behavior here even more dickish since he's hardly one to talk about being wanted by the law.