Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Superdickery Day 22: Calling his his girlfriends stupid for something no one else figures out

I mean it's not like they were the only ones fooled by the glasses thing. Lex Luthor is supposed to be a genius and even he doesn't know. (*1) And Jimmy Olsen is his biggest fan. Although this might explain why Clarks' pissy all the time--he's sick of all the dumb people on Earth.

*1 Actually there was a non-Silver Age story that had Luthor figure it out but he dismissed it because the idea was too ridiculous.


  1. I think that Lex has been told that Clark is Superman a couple of times, but like you said...he just doesn't believe it.

    Seriously, he WANTS people to know who he is? This is after he's been telling Lois for years that he can't marry her because she'd be in danger?

  2. I can buy that excuse for Lex since his ego has always been his greatest weakness.

    Superman flip flops what he wants daily just for fun.