Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Favorite Recap of Boosters' Origin

He's certainly had his fair share of origin retellings and I believe this one was the shortest way to sum it up. I also like it because it tells us a lot about Booster and Maxs' relationship filling in the blanks for the scene he arrived for their appointment. I suppose it might not make sense in hindsight since this was around the time Booster was trying to hide his past from the world at large. Then again he might have felt compelled to come clean with the guy that claimed to be his connection to the JL. For all he knew Superman was going to be on the team and would likely bring it up.

Yet Booster doesn't show any shame for what he did, it's just matter-of-fact here. Bravado? Likely but it's also speaks volumes for his character which Max sees and approves of. Because out of all the JLI Boosters' probably the one that's most like him. Their business men that have their own shady past. While Max might have been playing him here (given the timeline and his own agenda it seems likely) I get the impression he honestly does like him. I think it's not just because they share some traits but also because Booster seems more human than the other heroes he's met so far. He messed up, is willing to own up to it, still tries and is just gutsy. It's not what he expected.

I really miss this interaction, so much wasted potential.


  1. It does sum it all up so neatly. I always thought that Max liked Booster. Original Max, and horribly retconned Max alike.

  2. Yeah it made the "Max treats Booster like a moron" parts in CTIC and Johns/Katz BG run stick out in a bad way.