Monday, April 7, 2014

Superdickery Day 6: Superman wants to be "Kissing Cousins?!"

That's the impression I get.

So Clark is saying that he wants to marry Kara but can't because it's illegal on Kryton? What? Nevermind the fact she's your cousin (and judging by the art freaking out over this confession) but she's still a minor! This is one of the rare time I want to believe Superman is being a jerk just to get back at Supergirl for trying to arrange a marriage for him. Of course I'm inclined to believe he's being honest since the is alluded to elsewhere--

Yeah Kara it's real "funny" that he wants to marry a woman that looks just like you. Although his, uh, attention towards Kara might not have worked out any since he's clearly obsessed with the initials "L.L." More proof that his true love is in fact Lex Luthor. I mean Lois Lane. 


  1. In his defense, every single woman in comics looks exactly the same. Even Wolverine must have trouble telling them apart!

  2. Well some artist can change their looks. But if he talks about wanting to marry his cousin then states he can't due to the law it still raises an eyebrow.