Monday, April 28, 2014

Superdickery Day 26: A bad husband

I missed another day thanks to computer trouble but I think I'll be ending Superdickery month early anyway. I may post some bat-related scans though.

So Lois is supposed to be blamed for getting jealous of Superman hiding pictures of his girlfriends away in a safe? Uh, that's a jackass move on his part, if there wasn't anything wrong with it he wouldn't try to hide something like that in a safe!


  1. It's not even as though Lois was snooping. Super Baby did it!

    Can you imagine the filth on his I-phone?

  2. Right, all she did was get upset that he's still obsessing over his exes.

    Knowing Superman he'd just make a hidden shrine instead, he always seems to go overboard in his obsessions.