Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Third Weekly Series: Worlds End

I might try a few issues of this to see how it goes. I like Earth 2 but I hope it focuses more on the JSA characters (Kenda, Jay, Alan, etc.) than Batman/Superman.

More SPOILERS ahead in regards to what's shown.

They gave away what happens to Val-Zod but why would he be the new Superman with the El crest on his chest? That's not his family. I hope there's no romance between Power Girl and him because  Levitz (who's writing part of this) hasn't been good at that. Or writing the ladies in general. Note how she clings to this guy, who at this point is a stranger. Not a good sign.

I like that Thomas will be reunited with Helena, it's one of the things I actually look forward to even though I'd like more focus on other characters. I'm a little distracted at how off centered the bat is though. I don't think Helena will die because that means no more Worlds' Finest and more ticked off fans.

I hope Dr. Fate and the others are okay. Their my favorite part of Earth 2. Especially Jay.

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