Monday, April 14, 2014

The Truth about Dick Graysons' Fate

I already pre-ordered Forever Evil #7 so I'll be reading that anyway. But it's revealed here.


I have to say I'm not sold on this idea.

I mean yay for trying new things but this doesn't sound like something Dick Grayson would do. I mean working for Spyral? Having to work in a grey area? With a gun?

That's Jason Todd not him. Hell Jason was the one Kathy Kane went to and makes the most sense for this role. Not that I want to see him away from his friends but at least this idea fits Jason. This looks like their trying not make Dick have an edge and that's not who he is.

Interesting to note that Tynion was going to be doing the last issue of Nightwing which would lead into this series with the implication he was writing it. I might try this out now even though I didn't like Seeleys' comments on Jason and Barbara and don't think this is a good fit for the first boy wonder.

Also, Grayson is one of the few superheroes "who is considered a sex symbol by ladies," Seeley says. "We're leaning into that."

Ah I hate to tell you guys this but a lot of male superheroes are considered sex symbols. Hell in the bat family he's hardly the only one. Don't make him the guy that sleeps around just because you know he has that appeal. That's what Bruce does, sometimes as a cover but he's still with a lot of women. Dick was about staying with one person.

I'm not sure I buy Bruce encouraging this either. I already thought it was out of character to have him ask Jason to kill. Well the fallout to this once the bat family finds out should be epic.


  1. Not too sure about this premise either, but least he isn't dead. Which for DC is pretty good!

  2. I never thought they would but still it's good to have him alive. I wonder if this will affect what's going on in Eternal.