Saturday, April 12, 2014

Batman Eternal #2 Preview

Found here. Thought and SPOILERS ahead.

It's good to see Vicky Vane although she seems a little less intense than I recall. Sure I buy that she respects Gordon but she's a reporter. Usually that comes first and this would just make her more determined to find answers. What's presented here feels kind of heavy handed. "The guy telling us to run the story is a jerk! Gah, it's almost as if he has a point about other news programs running it anyway and the fact it's our job!" So we see the reactions of various people. Each introduction says something about the characters right? Some of them stick out in weird ways.

  1. Why is Batwoman answering Batmans' call like she's part of his inner circle? She's never been that close to him and frankly would be pissed if he thought to order her around.
  2. Tims' panels just read like straight up fanfic, in a bad way. Look I like the character but the way this is written doesn't come across as natural. "See how smart Tim is!" Has he ever built robots before? Programming them I could buy but this seems a little excessive.
  3. I don't know why everyone seems to put Jason in a bar, he's not 21. Although I'm sure that doesn't matter in other countries/since he's legally dead. I doubt he's drinking anything in that helmet anyway. Love the detail of the beat up guys in the corner. Not sure why he'd be in Hong Kong since he has history there.

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