Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Superdickery Month Begins!

Which mean we reflect on the things the Man of Steel did that his fellow heroes are willing to forgive. Whether it's destroying his friends lives to teach them a lesson, making Dick Grayson walk home naked or making a porn with Big Barda. This isn't just a time to celebrate his behavior but also how negatively others react to him. Like the picture above when Starfire is furious that Superman hasn't been held accountable for Donna Troys' death even though it was one of his robots that killed her. This wouldn't be the only time she gets mad at big blue.

  • Here is where Superman showed up to tell Rip Hunter that he wasn't helping him.
  • Although it's in reverse here's Rip and Booster getting back at Superman for his crappy treatment of them. Well Rips' is more telling him off for being dumb but I still love it.


  1. Oh I am SO happy that you are going ahead with this project! There is TONS of material!

    I rather like Superman, in a wishy washy sort of way, at least most of the time, but there is no doubt that he can be written as being a colossal jerk. The the Time travelling series with Rip and Booster and Hal was a prime example of that.

    So nice when Rip and Booster told him whatfor!

  2. I'll try to touch up on moment as much as I can. I will be doing a recent review of him acting like a jackass.

    I generally like Superman but he can be a jerk although I find it amusing especially when others treat him the same.