Friday, November 18, 2016

Am I the only one that analysis stuff like this?

I admit I may overthink some things since it's so much fun. I love stories that make me ponder and enjoy taking apart details to question what they mean. I do metas discussing different aspects and ask questions in my reviews.

But I'm kind of shocked to discover no one else seems to be questioning certain things. Granted some titles give me more to work with than others but sometimes asking questions is the way you discover the answers for yourself. Is no one else curious? 

Sometimes I miss details when I do my reviews since I do 90% of them as I'm doing my first read through. Maybe some think the writer(s) don't know what their doing and overlooked some details? That does happen but in one case I read a review that was mostly positive although the reviewer basically stated the writer didn't know what they were doing because they were making the villain stupid.

Why did they think the villain was stupid? Never explained. Sure lots of stories you have to wait and see but sometimes you need to write what exactly is bothering you if only to vent. I know I've done it and while some writers have disappointed me sometimes asking the right questions makes me rethink what was bothering me and discover something for myself. A new perception, understanding or the answer to my questions. 

I've seen more than that one reviewer say the same thing is off just not get into getting into the why. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else asks these things or if it's just me.


  1. I'm not that analitical but I love to read reviews and see what a I may have missed and other people noticed or see other people points of view of what I saw. :)

  2. Exactly. I love seeing details that I missed or thinking about things in a new way. It just makes everything so much more interesting and makes for some good conversations. :D