Friday, November 25, 2016

I was reading Teen Titans


And I'm wondering if DC is actually going to deal with Bruce being a neglectful father. You know it's bad when even Damian gives up defending Bruce and tells Alfred not to make excuses.


  1. That would be a change but it would kind of bother me that Jason mentioned that a lot and everybody acted like he didn't have a point.

    Probably the crimes comited in the process didn't help but still ;P

  2. Tim is supposed to be "dead" yet Bruce doesn't give a damn about his kids that died? One of which is in a dangerous undercover mission and another that just became a teen.

    I hate how Jason is treated by the family. Regardless of how he acted a lot of it is cruel. Damian triggers his PTSD with a crowbar? Everyone thinks it's funny. Bruce tried to trigger his PTSD just to use him to get Damian back? Everyone acts like it's just as bad as Bruce yelling at the rest of them. For years they victim blamed him for his own death and they still seem to do it.