Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Short Review: Superman #10

Another Superboy and Robin first time meeting only this is between Jon and Damian.


Maya (Nobody from Robin, Son of Batman) goes in to observe Jon and unfortunately triggers his powers. This leads to Damian kidnapping Jon which Batman isn't happy about. Superman is naturally pissed and almost fights Batman until Jon stops them. Jon is tested and naturally Damian goes to far and finally gets punched for it. Their dads aren't pleased.

Overall: Despite not liking how Tomasi writes the Waynes I was expecting to like this better than TT. That's not to say I didn't like parts.

Maya was a pleasure to see again and I like her getting along with the Kents/Whites. Clark is sweet as is Jon and I particularly like how Jon acts after Damian tries to keep Maya away from him. Jon teases but before that he says Damian isn't worth it which echoes what he said earlier. About a bully. Jon recognizes what Damian's behavior is. Unlike the bully at the start Damian is worth hitting later on.

His reaction to the stories of Damian's pets was spot on too.

I was also pleased that Alfred takes care of Jon but suggests Damian get his own tea himself after cleaning the stables. A small detail that shows he doesn't approve either. I wish he was like this more often with both Waynes as he has no problem with anything else they do.

I think Superman said it best: "Somebody should teach that boy of yours some manners!"

I hated him kidnapping Jon and was definitely on Clark's side. I could even feel for Bruce a little for seeing a pissed Superman and wanting to protect his son. Yes I know Damian loves animals but a) he knows Jon is having trouble controlling his powers therefore the cat death wasn't on purpose and b) Damian killed a bat simply because he was mad at Bruce. He rubs this in for no reason other than he likes pissing Jon off.

Tim was the only one calling Damian's behavior out, Bruce never bothers attempting to discipline his son. Which is unbelievable when you see all the times Batman benched the other Robins for things that weren't even their fault. Yet Damian kidnaps Jon and the TT in the other title and doesn't get punished?! I didn't like Damian in this and that punch was a long time coming in general. Be a parent Bruce.

Questions Raised?: Last time I read Jon he was eight and I'm not sure if that's still the case. I have no idea what the timeline is for DC anymore but the writing for the kids make them sound older at times. Why is Jon taller than Damian who is supposed to be 13 now?

Why did Alfred  leave the boys alone when he knew Damian had problems with Jon? Sure it wasn't for long but he should know better.

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