Saturday, November 12, 2016

I always loved this panel

Back when I first saw this I wondered what Willis did for Two-Face. Look at his nice suit, I remember thinking he might have been an accountant. Then the desk caught my eye and I started to wonder if Willis got the tedious job of custom making these things for Harvey. Can you imagine how frustrating that would be? Cutting everything in half and having to think of the two different styles? Of course that would mean Harvey wanted to kill him for messing that up. It was a silly idea anyway plus it's implied he just did henchman type of things. 

Still can you imagine how much Harvey spends on his theme?


  1. The stack of books holding up the corner of the "evil" desk is a very nice touch. I suppose that his obsession with having dual... everything is who Harvey has to rob banks.

  2. True but the double thing has screwed him over more than once. Jason convinced him to take him as hostage instead by reminding Harvey he was the second Robin. The car they took was hilariously over the top.