Monday, November 21, 2016

DC February Solicits

The start of new arcs and series.

Batwoman: I want to read a Kate book again but I can't do that with Tynion's name on this. I've been burned too much. I'll see if I get interested when his name is gone.

Batgirl: I've read both series for Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown. They had romantic interests but I don't call either book coming across as so juvenile. Babs is older than both of them were so how did that happen? I've come across several people that thought she was much younger, some believing she was either a little bit older or younger than Tim. Though Magpie is nice to see again.

Green Lantern Titles: You'd think Scarecrow would turn up more often in a GL book given the whole fear vs willpower bit and his short time with a ring. Kyle finally turns up again in Hal's book so at least all the Earth lanterns have shown up.

Super Sons: I'm not overly fond of how Tomasi writes the Waynes but I do love how Jon is handled (I haven't read the second part of his meeting with Damian yet.) I'll give this a try and hope Jon can get Damian to grow up some. Yes, Jon is nine while Damian is thirteen. I stand by what I said.

Batman: I don't follow the Batman books I just hear a little bit of the information. Is Duke adopted? I know there has been some debate on whether or not he's one of Bruce's sons I just haven't followed that talk. I say this because the solicit talks about keeping those he loves save, Tim is "dead" and all of his sons are in the crosshairs. Duke isn't shown.

Blue Beetle: ...I suppose it's a good thing I dropped this title because I just can't find myself caring. It's sad because I love the characters.

Justice League: Time travel eh? It'd be nice if some well known time travelers showed up. Seriously the Time Masters need to be seen when it's their turf.

Nightwing: Didn't Dick have this plot with Nite Wing or am I thinking of something else? I like the idea of him getting a new love interest though. Don't know much about her but it sounds less silly than the Penguin's son. Something is off about the cover, it's not working for me. The colors seem off, the composition feels wrong and I'm not sure how Dick is drawn. I like To so this feels surreal to me.

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye: That's Wild Dog right? I haven't seen him since Johns used him in Booster Gold. Every time he shows I'm I keep wondering if I should get his series because I'm curious.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Artemis is separating from the guys which reminds me of something I read Scott Lobdell saying prior to the first series. He didn't want the original trio to be instantly friends so he wanted to separate them in the first arc. Given the set up and characters involved with this series it is believable to have them split up. She's been wanting that bow for years and has no reason to stay. I like that this will have Jason question what he should do with Bizarro I just hope he doesn't try to kill him. Would the green Kryptonite even work? I keep seeing the cover and thinking Jason is getting ready to shoot water into his head. And it looks like it's a guest artist.

Direct Currents #2: A free book with insights about upcoming stories, interviews and art? Sounds good to me.


  1. So relieved that it's a guest artist on RHATO#7. Hopefully Soy will continue right after. Can't wait to see what this new arc is about.

    What happened in Blue Beetle though? It's hard to believe something bad enough for you to drop it, and the characters have only returned for a short time.

    1. I'm just hoping it's not a lot of guest artists.

      The last issue of Blue Beetle was just pointless. The more I thought about it the more annoyed I got. Jaime spent a good deal of it with a new character that was flirting/fighting him. For no reason.

      There's no real focus and there all these characters and plots going on. I might try it again at some point but I honestly forgot about it because it hasn't made any impact on me.

  2. Cover is such a fun reference though. Look at the flowers, Bizarro. XD

    1. Of Mice and Men? Yeah, it's very fitting.

  3. hey are dropping Blue Beetle? I can't say that I am surprised... it just... it wasn't very good, and I am so disappointed that it wasn't very good.

    1. Yeah, I debated it and I couldn't justify getting something I wasn't enjoying. Me too. I wanted to like it.

    2. I think you did the right thing. I just read #3. Ecch. It's all over the place with apparently random dialog combined with loose art that adds rather than resolves the confusion. It continues to be the biggest disappointment of REBIRTH.

    3. There was a lot of randomness, the humor wasn't funny and was stretched out making for an awkward read. Unless I read something worse before the end of the year I think it will "win" for worst disappointment on my list.