Monday, November 28, 2016

Short Review: Gotham Academy Second Semester #1

Olive is stuck at the school with no other students around. Enter Amy.


Since Olive has no where else to go during the holidays she only has Isla, the professor, as company. But Isla has to bail last moment leaving Olive in a foul mood with a new girl named Amy as company. Amy seems too interested in Olive and her choice of words leads me to wonder if she knows about the family history. But Amy is a bad influence and gets Olive to break Isla's window for apparently abandoning Olive for a date. Isla was actually meeting Bruce Wayne although it's unclear if this was merely a social call or he was checking up on Olive.

Amy gets Olive to break into an off limits part of the school where they find Eric. He gets freaked out after Amy pulls out his drawing of Maps and she takes his inhaler locking the two together. After breaking out Olive doesn't say Amy was there when she's caught. I'm not sure why she did this since Eric was endangered except for the fact that earned her a friend previously.

There's nothing really to this story although the history of Gotham is always nice to read about. At this point it seems like the teachers all know something but are playing dumb. Olive isn't punished, we don't hear about the window and I'm not sure why Olive couldn't have hung out with Eric. This was okay although I was hoping for more.

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