Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Teen Titans Rebirth

I really didn't want to get this book but did for a discount and not knowing what other title to get.

Well...Damian decides to have his own Teen Titans.


Beast Boy distracts himself from Tim Drake's "passing" by having a party. He gets taken out in the pool. Starfire tries to help out to stop others from slavery only to be stopped so easily it's embarrassing. Raven sneaks into a museum to enjoy being alone without being bombarded by other people's emotions only to get knocked out. The same thing happens to Kid Flash. It's revealed that Damian captured them to get them to help him.

Overall: I'm glad that Tim's "death" hasn't been forgotten in this title and Gar thinks about what Tim said about him. I don't really care for Gar as I find him a bit annoying. I don't hate him but he always does this horrible unfunny flirting. It's made all the worst when he changes into animals--especially dangerous ones--and pisses of the girl he's with. He never seems to learn from this mistake.

Unfortunately other canon isn't given the same respect. Not only is Kori suddenly on okay turns with Dick again (which I heard was likewise done with no explanation in her solo title) but she seems to be thinking of him in romantic terms. No mentions of Roy but given the context I could forgive that since she's thinking of Tim's death. Kori thinks it would be good for Dick to get out of Gotham and get his mind off of it. Well what about Jason who Kori KNOWS is close to Tim? In fact he's been written as closer to Tim than Dick is and is in Gotham. This rubbed me the wrong way and feels like writers are reducing Kori back to "Nightwings' other love interest." Sure she can be friends with Dick but the romance is empathized by the kiss. I'd like to see her friendships be remembered.

I hate that Raven keeps getting younger to the point she also looks like she's around Damian's age. I don't know the new Kid Flash well enough to state whether he's in character. I liked him from what I saw.

Damian is an ass which isn't surprising but thinking what he did I'm amazed someone hasn't decked him yet. Raven gets her tramua thrown in her face, he exploits Kori trying to stop predators and keeps her from assisting the police force preventing innocents from being saved. Because his needs come first. Kori, Raven and Gar have connections to Damian's family. They probably would have come willingly if he explained the situation. But no, he has to make bad first impressions and feed his ego.

I read a post about Damian seeing attacks as affection (since Talia did so during training) or proving himself. I don't think the former is true in this case but regardless Damian should know better. Unless you're telling me that no one is trying to stop this behavior. Tim at least pointed out how these attacks came across--more than once--and doing this to his adopted brothers friends is even more insulting.

How long did he have to plan this? No one should know Raven sneaks into the museum unless she forgets to avoid the cameras or Tim told Damian. He happened to have a glove that could take Kori out with a touch? BS. Some had problems with Kori and Roy hanging out with Jason but does anyone mind Dick and Tim's teammates hanging out with Damian? Or the fact Gar stated in the last issue of the previous TT series that Tim is his favorite Robin? Just curious, I haven't seem much talk of these issues.

This was actually a better read than I was expecting but that probably has to do with the focus on the recruited TT. Some writers write Damian good while others make him annoying, unlikable and/or far too skilled. While I feel the latter is true for this issue Damian really wasn't in this much. I'm not as annoyed as I sound in this entry but I still thought I should mention some of these things. I don't think it's mind reading another issue although I don't know if I will. It's sadly far more entertaining than the last issue of Blue Beetle was.

Next issue I read will be Damian meeting Jon.

Questions Asked ?: How old is Gar supposed to be in this canon? I ask because he's drinking, partying , etc. and he looks like he's around Damian's age.

As an empath shouldn't Raven have sensed Damian?

Did You Notice?: Meyers, the artist, has stated he's a fan of the TT cartoon. I don't know if he ever read the comics as Starfire isn't like she is there. He drew her costume more modest because of this. I don't have a problem with one piece costumes but I don't like the design. It's too simplistic. Silky, her pet from the cartoon, also makes an appearence in an apple.

Dick was never in this blue Nightwing costume before so unless he recently hooked up with Kori it makes no sense to have them kiss with him wearing it.

The epic sand castle.

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