Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WTF is going on with King 's Batman?

I saw this then went to a message board to see if any of it was explained.


Batman fights a naked Bane getting his back cracked. According to the boards Bane is off the Venom and isn't strong enough to break his back. Batman has apparently been repeating the same threat about breaking Bane's back word for word like Millar is writing. Somehow Batman rights his back by forcing himself into a yoga pose. Also Selina has killed over 200 terrorists.

What the hell? Also what's up with the dialogue?


  1. Think many are counting on King either playing the long game or delivering some twists at the end to make sense of all this. That said, I don't think current issues as they are are good. They all read somewhat ridiculous. And I'm not sure if any potential twist at the end is worth this suffering.

    More importantly, I'm worried about King writing Jason in #17.

  2. Agreed. Plot twist are not the books should at least be fun to read.

    I was worried before reading this and I'm more worried now. I have a short list of writers that I think handle Jason decently. King isn't on it.