Sunday, November 13, 2016

Do you remember comics that made you cry?

Or get misty eyed or just feel so much for the character(s)? Touching, sad, gut wretching moments that you can empathize with? I've been thinking of those a lot lately. Some stories go too far making you furious about what's written while others don't really earn your sympathy. There are others still that make you think, that build layers making the impact all the more meaningful. Those catch you off guard and make you feel the full scope of it all.


  1. Egad, I cry over practically anything! Sandman always does it to me, the last issue of Sharman, when Kid Loki dies, heck Saga, when they off another character.

    I am just a weeper.

  2. Family stuff usually hits me hard as do certain characters when their written well.