Thursday, May 18, 2017

Comic Book Haul

Not having a LCS close to home is a pain but I look forward to my new comics. I ordered online but Free Comic Book Day kept these a bit delayed. I'm also getting some new stuff in a week or so.

It wasn't planned but I kind of had a Jason Todd theme as I ordered another copy of Death in the Family right when RHATO is dealing with Jason having his PTSD triggered. In all honesty I don't like DITF outside the Jason bits but it's the sort of story I feel like I should have a copy of if I'm a fan of the character. My sister still has my old copy so I just got a new one for myself. My RHATO Rebirth trade also came in. I just flipped through it and didn't see any of the character designs in the back which I admit disappointed me a little.

I don't like how Tomasi writes the Waynes but I do like how he's been handling the Kents so I got a Superman Rebirth TPB to read up on them. I'm going to read to at least issue #6 of Super Sons to see if Damian improves. I saw Roy appearing in a future issue of Green Arrow so I'm sticking around for this arc. I barely remember Odyssey of the Amazons as it hasn't left much of an impression on me. I promised I'd read the whole thing so I am. The rest are Free Comics I got.

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