Wednesday, May 31, 2017

So Damian had an epic screw up

Will he ever be called out on it? I doubt it since he's gotten away with this behavior for some time. I heard about Lazarus Contract and I'm tempted to get it just to see how bad it is. I did see a little though.


Crossover stuff happens with Dick's team and the TT. Damian stops redheaded Wally 's heart and creates a time paradox that screwed up Wally 's entire timeline. Now he had a pacemaker.

Unfortunately (well outside what happened to Wally) it seems to bring up a recurring problem. Damian does what he wants, it's something horrible and everyone especially Dick ignore it. He's a leader, for some ridiculously reason, and he gets away with this stuff all the time. Remember Robin War? All the times he attacked Tim or Jason? Treating other heroes like crap? Kidnapping his current team and Jon? The brief friction with the latter only happened because the Kents were rightfully upset. It was soon forgotten to force the two to work together after Damian started a fight. What about Damian literally stalking Jon?

There seems to be this limiting mind set that Damian ceases to be the same character if he develops positively. Yet we're supposed to feel sorry for him when he always thinks he's in the right and never learning a thing. Or forgets previous lessons. Everyone else has to bend to his way of thinking or ignore his wrong doing. It's increasingly frustrating to read him. He's barely restrained when other Robins have been punished worse for lesser offenses.

When something like this happens other characters should call him out on it. They should force him out of the TT. The Kents should keep him away from Jon. Have Bruce be a parent and make Damian learn he can't always get his way. Have him trying to change himself. He can still be snarky but show him making real efforts. Not harming his family and would-be-friends.


  1. I am glad that I haven't been reading about Damian lately, because he sounds even more obnoxious than when he first appeared. I grew to be rather fond of the little brat... but seriously you do NOT mess with Wally!


    I love Wally.

  2. I liked Damian too! But yeah they keep undoing any progression. It seems that editorial has something to do with that too.

    It was pretty bad for Wally.