Monday, May 29, 2017

Injustice Red Hood Trailer

Thought on this trailer. Based on reactions online so far it's a wonder that DC doesn't promote him more.

There are a bunch of silly intros so Jason wasting bullets to make an entrance isn't any worse. Most like it but I've heard teasing over it. I suppose they didn't want to spoil any of the Batman or Joker exchanges. I like that Jason calls out Damian on trying to win approval. The white of his lens look better than the helmet does at the end of the video. Damian doesn't seem to be as hostile to Jason as he is with Batman. Just stating he doesn't believe Jason will ever trust him. Please don't have any exchanges acknowledging the Talia thing. It wouldn't fit Jason's character to mention it and should never be canon.

More knife play than I thought we'd get and the throwing shurikens are a surprise. I don't know if I like the hang time when he's doing upper shoots in the air. The gun moves in general are very good especially the counter. I would have preferred the electric bat on his chest since the game attack kind of looks like a Nightwing move. I get why it's not done though.

Like many I love Jason being out of bullets, throwing the gun in Joker's face, catching it when it bounces back, reloading and shooting. That just has so much personality in it. I could see Jason doing that if he was out of bullets or the gun jammed. It has a sense of humor to it and is useful. It's perfect that he uses it on Joker in the trailer.

The explosions are well done too. It shows that he uses them to set up trap situations and makes the finisher pretty memorable. I'm extremely glad the designers didn't forget to include Jason's flexibility. He has the right amount of grace but the power of his movements really stand out. I liked this trailer more than most of Arkham Knight.


  1. My only complain about the trailer is that Cameron Bowen's doesn't quite fit Jason's appearance. I've always thought that Jason should have the deepest voice among the bat boys.

  2. I don't have a problem with it. I think that Jason should sound young, like he could mess you up but still have some vulnerability.