Thursday, May 25, 2017

Very Short Review: Super Sons #4

The head on fight with Kid Amazo.


This was the most enjoyable issue yet since Damian wasn't as annoying as usual. I love seeing Jon stand his ground against him and tell Damian to find his own way back home. Damian's dialogue towards the end doesn't really sound like himself but given how jerky he's been that might be a good thing.

So Damian refused to call their dads but did call Luthor. I think the only reason he did that was because he: a.) Refused to admit Jon was right and b.) He knew he'd be trouble at home. Both of these were apparently more important to him than the mission or theirs lives. He's lucky Lex got distracted instead of simply punishing them along with Kid Amazo.

I enjoyed the Kid Amazo plot and Lex was a fun addition. The family survives and they might all reappear down the line.

I'm disappointed that Bruce isn't going to be doing any parenting but Alfred is the better parent of the two anyway. Jon really doesn't deserve to have Lois and Alfred tag team him. Damian does and I hope he gets punished worse. He's the oldest and he dragged Jon along. If he finally gets disciplined we can finally have some development instead of the constant backtracking of his character. It's just a shame this couldn't happen when he attacked his brothers.

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