Friday, May 26, 2017

Short Review: Green Arrow #23

What's the canon for Roy and Cheshire? The stuff from the Tynion RHATO run? Well we get some answers.

Dinah tries to dig up some answers about Ollie's family and finds a Ninth Circle book with a prophecy. It seems to allude to the Queen family. Dinah also questions a reporter to find out if she's sincere or if she has a thing for Ollie. I don't know this series well enough to know if Dinah is correct. Emi tells Ollie not to lose Dinah as he's a better person when she's around. I'm a little distracted whenever Emi is on panel since she used to be ten years old or so and now she looks like she's 15/16. Maybe because Ollie is aged up they thought it would be weirder if his baby sister was that young?

When Ollie discovers Henry's glasses and mourns I think the art really sold the moment. I barely know Henry but Ollie's pain is clear. Henry isn't actually dead though and Ollie's enemies start seducing him to their side. 

The Roy section is my favorite part mainly because we get some good information for what's canon. Red Arrow was briefly used by him at some point and now Emi uses it. I don't know why he'd use it at any point. Previously it was used to acknowledge the connection to Ollie when Roy joined the JL. Which never made sense to me as it just made Roy abandon his identity to basically copy Ollie in style and name. It makes less sense here as Roy apparently has had a horrible relationship with Ollie ever since the drug incident when he was Speedy. I'm 100% on board for Emi using it.

Anyway he forces Cheshire to ditch her fight with Emi and claims he once believed she was worth loving. Jade says nothing to say but Emi is curious. Roy doesn't want to talk about it. In general Percy seems to avoid RHATO which made no sense in TT. That might have been a personal choice since Lobdell still mentions Kori and Roy. This might be an editorially approved idea. Ignoring RHATO with Cheshire solves a lot of problems. Roy and her weren't an item under Tynion although she seemed keen on forcing the issue. It was out of character and annoying. The previously hinted romance might make Lian possible. No idea how old she'd be or if Roy would know if she did exist.

Ollie had a great fight but fails to stop the Horsemen's mission.

I thought this was only three issues for some reason. I'll get the last issue at some point but I really haven't regretted getting this. Not a must get title for me though it's good. Better than Percy's Teen Titans while better character work.

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