Thursday, May 18, 2017

Odyssey of the Amazons #4

 Where the origin of the Amazons changes.


All the Amazons except the captured one are dead and in Valhalla. Hessia seems to be the only one not affected by the exhilaration of Valhalla which is never explained. Narkissa says claims their elation gradually disappears but Hessia was never shown being affected and she was the last to die/return. It's nice that Narkissa gets over her anger but the scene where they make up seems to come out of no where. She thought it was stupid to risk the lives of all of their group for a few and their all dead. They have no idea if they can leave at this point. What changed her mind? Being dead? Never said.

Frigga explains how the Amazons and Valkyries are related. Pérez had the Amazons being created from the souls of women slain by the ignorance of men. The gods helped create and protect them. Here Frigga claims that all Amazons including the Valkyries were created by the goddesses of different groups of Gods having children with consorts from tribes of men. Meaning that all Amazons have God blood in them, will be in incestuous romantic relationships if their from the same tribe and for some reason Frigga's Valkyries are more powerful than Hera's Amazons.

This explains why, in this series, they are finding Amazons all over the world. I like the idea of different gods creating their own version of the Amazons I just don't like the God's blood part.

The ice giants birth the Amazon hybrids and drink the after birth to become stronger. Yes, that really happens. I'm not sure how the birth from a pit happened since none of the Amazons were ever pregnant.

This was better than last issue, interesting just not something I see being part of canon. Maybe it will with Rucka leaving Wonder Woman.

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