Saturday, May 27, 2017

Questions we need answered

If Booster Gold does appear in Rebirth there are some questions that need to be answered.

1. How many Booster are there?

To clarify I want to know if the New 52 version and the pre-Flashpoint version are still going to be separate or if their combine like the two Supermen and two Lois Lanes did. I have some concerns with Booster because of the time travel/multiverse stuff. Matthew Ryder for example was in the Linear Men. As two different versions. I would like to urge DC not to do the same thing with Booster. 

Though I suppose the version that should join with the New 52 version should be a younger version of pre-Flashpoint Booster. Otherwise we'd have the dad version and I doubt DC wants to reveal the mom yet.

2. Can the Waverider change be undone?

I still don't see why this change was needed. We just had another one created in the Time Master Vanishing Point mini series. I wanted that one developed, it doesn't suit Booster (who's already established as another hero) and it changed Rip`s timeline. That Booster was the father of ten year old Rip and then had no time for anyone once he changed. Not even his son that is supposed to be the best Time Master.

3. Are the Time Masters involved in the Watchmen plot? If not why not?

Excluding them makes no sense. They protect the timeline and should be a much bigger threat. Rip doesn't seem concerned in his HJATGLC appearance. Yet Rip seemed to be piecing things together before he was dismissed in Convergence. Waverider has such a connection with the timestream it should be impossible for him to be unaware of the threat. 

4. Where is Booster?

Both of them or one of them if their combined. The Waverider one should know what's going on and be pursuing the trouble. Maybe he did after Convergence. The other one hasn't been seen since the two parter.

5. Are the JLI or anyone else worried about him?

I don't think Booster has been mentioned by Guy or Ted. Has anyone bothered looking for him? He's been gone for awhile.

6. Does he remembers the old timeline?

If it's Waverider he definitely should. If New 52 Booster remembered that can be trouble since Rip told him that he's Booster's son.

7. Is the Rip Hunter that appeared in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps from pre-Flashpoint?

If the worlds have been merged he should be the same one. Then again New 52 Booster never heard of Rip and neither did the GLs. Did that reset his own timeline?

8.What is Michelle's status?

She was alive but without her brother (the younger version that is) while the New 52 version was dead.

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