Monday, May 15, 2017

Mezco One: 12 Figures

Expensive figures but pretty awesome looking. I knew about them for awhile but beyond a couple I never really looked into them before. I mentioned the Arsenal one here.


Yes, he comes with all those accessories which includes a Mr. Mind.


Superman also has an extra head but not every character gets extras which bugs me.

Green Arrow

For the price ($75 to $80) I feel like every figure should have extra heads especially the masked ones.


I don't like the boots but I feel that head sculpt screams Bruce Wayne.

Thus far there's only one female character, Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie. There's a couple more versions of Batman and Superman, along with some villains. These are in the six inch scale and have fabric for their clothing. If I ever paid that much for a figure there's only a select few I'd get. Arsenal doesn't look too impressive at least for that price although it's an exclusive. I am impressed with the Batman above just not the boots. 


  1. These are really really nice.

  2. They really are, if they ever do my favorites my wallet is going to be a lot emptier.