Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dear DC Please stop writing Damian as the only son that matters

After reading yet another "I have a son" mention I need to vent a little.

Seriously it's beyond annoying. For years before Damian even existed Dick, Jason and Tim have been Bruce Waynes' sons. Robin has represented his kid, each one he met is one he choses to bring into the family he has built for himself after his parents died. We have stories for Dick, Jason and Tim where Bruce and others have stated they are his sons. Yet time and again since Damian has been created, with the exception of a few writers, Bruce has been written as only referring to Damian as his son. Like Damian is the only one that truly matters.

Clark Kent was adopted but I have yet to see this attitude used with the Kents. Sure Clark cares about his birth parents, the Kents however are who he thinks of when he thinks of parents. While the Robins haven't grown up at the manor from infancy as Clark did at the farm that bond is still there. Yet hammering in the message that only blood relations matter isn't just wrong it's insulting. It spits in the face of everything we previously read. It makes Bruce and those that reinforce it (with the exception of Dick, Jason and Tim) look like elitist jerks that think just like Ra's Al Ghul. It's telling the other Robins, along with those who are adopted in real life, that they don't matter. Their not as important as a biological child.

Enough with this poisonous mind set that implies favoritism. (Which is also odd since Bruce doesn't even work with Damian as much as he use to. ) Enough with trying to retcon these relationships into "internships" because Bruce didn't just pick them to be his sidekicks. Their family.


  1. I am beginning to suspect that Bruce has taken one too many kicks to the head.

  2. If only it were that simple. It'd certainly explain some of his actions.