Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mezco DC Villains

Some more of the Mezco figures.


I don't like Slade but this is a pretty good figure. It comes with an unmasked head and there's a deluxe version with a darker costume. It also comes with more weapons.


I'm not fond of Joker either except for the Mark Hamill version because he does awesome voice work. Anyway I'm surprised not to see a crowbar since he's usually shown with one in different media. Not complaining just surprised.


I don't know if this one has an extra head as the Flash one does (a white eyed "Wally" version) but I haven't seen extras in the promo pictures. 

Harley Quinn

As far as I can tell this is not just the only DC female character but the only one in any of the Mezco One:12 lines. I'm hoping they can do a Wonder Woman figure but I can see some concern if the clothing can't cover the joints.

Black Adam

This is pretty awesome, I'm happy to see Black Adam who looks pretty amazing.

I'd love to see some more female characters although I'm not sure how some of them will turn out given the bathing suit costumes some have. I don't have much hope for the JLI but I'd love some bat characters particularly the Robins. I'm not sure how good the chances are for Cass and Steph though. Maybe variants of Batgirl ?


  1. That Black Adam figure is fabulous!

  2. That one really impressed me too. I think Shazam turned out great so it's nice to see Black Adam also has some good quality.