Thursday, May 18, 2017

Short Review: Green Arrow #21

I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised. No Roy but a great build up and possible retcon for something I hated from the Tynion RHATO run.


There's no actual fighting in this issue as Ollie spends his time exploring his dad's creepy grave lair. I haven't caught up with what the story with his father is other than he had a thing with Shado an  they had a daughter together.

Anyway Ollie spends the issue dwelling on his memories of his father and how little he actually knew him as a person. He doesn't even know what to expect in his his dad's hidden lair not thinking he'd have such personal things. I like this quiet reflection he has which isn't something I normally associate with Ollie.

I especially loved how Chershire was written in this which was a vast improvement from the Tynion take. Jade doesn't act like a barely restrained insane woman that wants to make Roy her lab rat/sex toy that will break down to get all weepy. This is the professional assassin I remembered being no nonsense about her job. She doesn't need to be flashy and while she does wear a green outfit (not a costume) she's still subtle in her work. Cheshire is terrifying at how skilled she is with her poisons.

Again I couldn't understand how a liability like her (in the RHATO Tynion run) could rise to the top especially when Bronze Tiger had to clean up her messes. Here she just walks through an airport causally poisoning her marks for a few pages yet she's a far more believable character. This is someone you'd actually hire to take out your target. I'm hoping that the League of Assassins stuff is retconned for her and RHATO. Since the Bronze Tiger stuff is being ignored it might be.

Cheshire is part of a group a baddie calls his four horsemen that are screwing over the city. I'm intrigued, this has some potential.

Did You Notice?: The artwork showing the bodies of (presumably) the Queen family around the secret lair. It looks like roots are in one coffin and a pet was buried too.

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