Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #21

I love having a comic being twice a month and wish this would be the case with some of my favourite series.


Rip points out that thus far the timeline is still messed up. Hal clues into the obvious that Rip probably met him before. (*1)

Hal Jordan: So you should already know that I don't get boxed in by facts.

Leave it to Hal to make it sound like it's Rip`s fault and it's a good thing to not care about the facts. Yeah, it's supposed to make him sound positive and have a never say die attitude but it reads differently. Facts are important especially since Hal withholding information got them in this position. If he told them sooner they could have figured out a different plan. Rip amends his statement suggesting their current head on fighting method might not work. Hal ignores this to give a lecture about will that Rip already knows about.

From here Hal explains how different GLs use their will. Not a bad scene I'm just curious why this comes up so late in the arc. I like the explanation about Guy taking a beating for others. It fits perfectly and oddly reminds me of Ted noticing Booster taking hits to protect Superman from Doomsday. I wish Kyle would have gotten more of a build up. Hal not getting John's restraint really fits but the "I never lose" bit for Hal makes me groan. Not a slight at the writing, that's who Hal is, it just isn't accurate. Plus it's so arrogant I kind of wish we had a panel of Rip rolling his eyes. 

I truly like John's big speech and Guy's version. Kyle and Soranik decide to kiss before helping their friends. I gotta say I'm not too invested in their romance this time around, mainly because Kyle has been annoying in past issues.

Rip and Hal face Sarko which gives him a chance to mock Rip for "choosing" to pick Hal to help. Which is funny since Rip tried to warn John and is only with Hal because he was going in the right direction. While Kyle and Soranik arriving with guns feels very 90's I like how smart it was and John confirming the fact. And yep, Guy points out that their doing the hard work while Hal seemingly ditched them. 

Noticing that Soranik isn't being attacked Kyle decides to do the dumb thing and use Rip's ring. Finding out who Sarko is related to Kyle flips out and seeks out Sarko himself. 

Hal Jordan: This is my mess.

Nice to see someone besides Sarko bring this up. For some reason Rip thinks this is also his fault (even though he can't find criminals until they mess with time), he saves them and orders Hal to dig. I missed my leader Rip who has enough superhero B.S. and will take command to get things done. I don't know why Hal can't dig faster, does he need Kyle's imagination to create better creations with his ring? Hal breaks the gauntlet accidentally fatally wounding Sarko. Kyle arrives just as his son dies. 

Hal finally has the sense to lock the gauntlet up although it seems like it might be a threat in the future. John gives back the ring not mentioning the fact Kyle already used it. Guy is on panel with Rip although they sadly never speak to each other. 

This arc had some problems with the GLs not thinking logically. From how they treated Rip to how they deal with important artifacts. Hal was an ass but I can't say it wasn't in character. I enjoyed a lot of it too especially Rip who had to deal with a lot of B.S. It was great to finally see him again and that makes this arc special.  I figured out the Sarko reveal awhile back but this might give Kyle some characterization. If I'd have to guess I'd say he feels like he was a crappy dad and is rethinking his romantic life. Not a bad read, I just wanted more Rip/time travel stuff. Sarko didn't even interact with Rip much.

*1 Something Hal should already know since Rip has already stated knowing John well.

Questions Raised?: How does Rip not know what Sarko meant about the gauntlet? He was right there when Hal confessed it last issue. I mean I could buy Rip not knowing previously but not in this issue. Not unless he just wanted to make Hal admit he screwed up again but Rip`s not like that.

Rip has a shield/forcefield? Just like dad huh? Only it's a big downgrade. I thought that was Hal using his powers.

Has Guy ever tried to get Booster to tell him the lottery? Booster did get data to play the stock market. 

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