Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Happy Futures?

I love time travel/possible future stories but I think we need more variety. I'm not asking for things to be perfect but having the heroes lead happy lives would be a nice change. Technically we got that for Booster although we never really see the whole picture. The Convergence change kind of ruined that too, at least what we see of it.


  1. So often, the future is depicted as this horrible dystopian existence... it's awfully depressing. That's one of thereasons have always liked Star Trek... it shows a future where we actually managed to get our act together.


  2. True. Star Trek had a lot of bright spots.

    Still I'd love to get a future story where the comic heroes are all happy. Sure drama can happen but their not: insane, bad guys or brooding in the corner wondering why none of their allies like them anymore.

  3. In a way, the horrible future has already come true. Can you imagine what all those nice sweet heroes from the gold and solver age would think of themselves now?

  4. At least some of those like the JSA can be undone. But essentially yeah.