Friday, June 17, 2016

A few early solicits

Because I always get excited to see what's coming up even if none of my books are listed yet.


Batman Beyond- I like a lot of Jurgens work but the idea of Tim Drake taking over Terry's role never felt right to me. It just felt like a wrong for both of them. I'm glad to see that's being undone. I'll be considering the title now that Terry is back.

Doom Patrol- I don't think this one has been hinted at so it was a surprise. I wonder if Beast Boy will be mentioned.

Teen Titans (Tims' team)- It's weird to see this solicit the same time as Damians' team. I have no idea where some of these character will show up. Maybe WW for Cassie but what about Power Girl? I haven't read this run but having characters in limbo tends to be a nervous wreaking situation when event time rolls around.

Trinity- I thought this was being released earlier? Good to know its not cancelled. I was going to get this but I'll put a pin in that idea until I see if there's anything new I'd like to add to my pull list.

Blue Beetle- Is the scarab magic or alien tech? is Dr. Fate evil? It sounds intriguing.

Bat Book Crossover- I thought this was going to be a mini series when another site had an headline about this. All books I won't read and written by Eternal writers. No thanks.

Gotham Academy- I might get this again. My last issue was the Robin War tie in. ironically one of the better parts of that event but I needed to drop something after that.

Raven- Marv is writing this? I think he did the TT issue where Raven was getting seduced by an obvious sleazy guy who was somehow connected to computers and used sex to steal women's souls to live. Which might also be an idea Whedon used for early Buffy. I remember some computer monster there and sex leads to evil happened a lot. Anyway reading back issues from Marv can be surreal so this series might surprise people.

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