Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Is this why Tim has been "demoted"?

It looks like Batman isn't too pleased with Tim.

In Rebirth Tim has a retro costume (that looks WAY too much like his original Robin costume) and is in a boot camp run by Batman and Batwoman. This also seems like a demotion because Tim has the freedom to do go where he likes right now and runs the TT. But Bruce is threatening to get involved. I'm not following TT but I can't recall when Bruce last got involved in something one of his kids were doing that wasn't a mission he created. The most he did for Jason was tell Superman that he vouched for him to keep the Man of Steel off his back.

I'm not sure why Bruce feels this is something that requires him telling Tim to fix it. I remember hearing that Superboy had trouble with the law and Tim tried to help him. Jason is/was an Outlaw, during this time he might be more legal because of his business and connection to Tara Battleworth. Why is Bruce compelled to act now? Does he think Tim doesn't get the same results? Because I can't see this being just about image.

Tim loses leadership and somehow Damian ends up on the new team? I know Damian wants to be the leader (I can't see him as one on this team) to deal with his grandfather. It just feels like a big shift.


  1. But... but I like Tim! He's the smart one!

  2. I like all of them. Although it seems like the middle ones aren't getting as much attention as the other two.