Friday, June 3, 2016

Jackass Heroes

I know I'm over thinking this but I tend to do that.

Light Spoiler

Someone (Barry I think) said it when Simon Baz showed up but Simon doesn't have to repeat it when he meets Jessica Cruz. I dunno, I don't find it too funny when people say they hope Guy Gardner was the GL that died when a newbie comes along. Not when I actually stop to think how cruel it really is. Yeah Guy's considered the least likable GL. But in both cases neither knew for sure if anyone actually died. Would you really hope for someone to die regardless if you like them or not? In a "business" where someone could die at any moment? I always thought superheroes considered each other brothers-in-arms especially those they work with. This is just rubs me the wrong way.


  1. Yeah, Barry was a complete jerk. And since Barry was always known for being ridiculously nice, it was very uncharacteristic for him to make that comment about Guy.

    Yes, Guy is a bit of a jerk too, originally because he had brain damage, but later because he enjoyed it. He does get all the funniest dialogue. But jerk heroes are also the most fun. Wally is an ads, so is Namor. Heck, Batman is the biggest jerk of them all! he just doesn't have a sense of humor.

  2. True. Now that I think about it Johns was involved in both books which makes more sense. He also had Simon fail to do something and Barry clime out "Hal could do it" on reflex.

    Without the brain damage I don't think Guys' that bad. He usually has a point unless he's messing around. I've seen characters who are supposed to be heroes many respect that treat others FAR worse than Guy has and get away with it.

    The thing that I think Johns and many others writers miss is how bad this makes the heroes look. Remember when he made just about everyone treat Blue & Gold bad? It made the heroes look outright cruel.