Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rip Hunter suspects something?

Granted Convergence seems to have been retconned some and technically Rip should know about WW/SM happening elsewhere before. But during the two part Booster Gold Convergence special he seems to have some theories he doesn't get to voice. I know I mentioned this before but I really feel this loose end needs to be addressed.

Convergence had different worlds fighting for survival with Rip's world--pre-Flashpoint--being one of the cities brought into the battle. All the cities taken were supposed to be on the verge of destruction and most of the new 52 versions are absent from this story. Rip Hunter arrives to save his dad who is a future version of the best known Booster that was on the Giffin/DeMatteis JLI and had two volumes of a solo series. But at the end of the second series Booster comes back from Flashpoint already forgetting things and needing a new costume. The implication is that he's the same Booster in New 52.

Canon has been confusing and vague with new 52 BG even if we ignore the JLI Annual. Batman trusts Booster completely in JLI yet dismisses the team in Justice League? At the start of Convergence his origin has changed and leaves some curious questions. Who was the professor he was stealing the Time Sphere from and who hired him? A possible answer to both questions is Rip Hunter only new 52 BG has never heard of him. Does that mean this Booster Gold doesn't have a Rip Hunter in his universe? If that's true how does he know where Vanishing Point is? While other time travelers know of it they have a reason to know of it. Who told Booster? Then again when it was implied both versions are one in the same at the end of his series where was he? Vanishing Point.

Rip is visibly shocked to learn about there being a world he never knew about. Right after learning about it we get this exchange:

New 52 Booster: You're saying that my universe doesn't matter?
Rip Hunter: If what I suspect to be true is true...it may be all that matters.

While Rip never explains what he means this is a fascinating answer. On the surface it seems like a standard "forget the old universe the new DC is all that matters" brush off. It does make me wonder how far reaching was DCs' plans to have the two universes be the same but messed up due to time manipulation. This is the same event that gave us the Lois and Clark series after all. The line does act as a backup plan in case things don't work out. But it also reminds me of a story, either during 52 or after with it being mentioned that the main DC world was the one that needed to be protected. Without it all of the worlds were doomed. Yet Rip makes a similar statement here? Curious.

Older Booster claims New 52 is from "the newest of timelines" which doesn't rule out them being split from the same timeline. There's still Hyper Time to consider as well as other possible means. While Older Booster has Waverider powers that doesn't mean he knows everything. Rip makes a point of trying to stop his dad from sending him away saying "there's something I have to--" before he's teleported away.

Time is messed up, missing and the Time Master isn't involved in finding out the solution? Now maybe DC hadn't decided to use Dr. Manhattan when Convergence was set up but using the Time Masters makes sense. Rip is currently safe because his ID is protected, his dad (Booster Rider) makes a point of saying it needs to stay a secret along with his moms' ID. The tie in also makes a point in mentioning that the dad version of Booster we see has a ten year old version of Rip as his son. Which could be brought up for a reason besides pointing out dad Booster is older. Jurgens went on to write a mini series with pre-Flashpoint Clark and Lois raising their son Jon. I know I'm reaching but the potential always gets me hyped up.

Rip Hunter and Booster Gold should be involved because time is literally what their stories revolves around. Fingers crossed that we'll finally get more whenever this next event goes down or their pop up sooner in some other series.


  1. It WOULD be nice if loose ends were properly wrapped up... but I am not holding my breath.

  2. I try to be optimistic when I can but it is frustrating not to have answers. And not to have these characters show up more often.