Thursday, June 16, 2016

What does this mean for RHATO VOL. 2 ?

Now that Red Hood/Arsenal has wrapped up there's some questions for how this affects the new series. I suspect Titans will ignore everything much like Titans Hunt has been. Still, how will the ending affect the bat family ? What about the Joker factor  from DUR #1 ?


After Jokers' Daughter messed with Jasons' head and made him fear for Roys' life. Jason killed four members of the Iron Rule while it was being streamed online. We can assume that everything up until Jason shooting the camera was heard by the audience. That means that (unless the bat family are morons) they know:
  • JD targeted Roy just to hurt Jason and it worked. She tells Roy that killing Red Hood didn't take with the Joker so her plan was to rip his heart out by killing Roy.
  • Jason was partly reliving his own experience with his death (trying to save a partner from a deranged clown.)
  • She was messing with Jasons' issues when she kept comparing them to "dad."
  • Jason thinks Roy is "better."
Now this would work well for an undercover gig since Jason comes off as someone that plays by their own rules and most wouldn't get the deeper meaning of what happened.

Not letting the bat family know would risk ruining his relationship with them. Having Bruce ask him to do this right after the online showdown with the Iron Rule/JD while logical for the mission is also insensitive. Whatever the reason if others like Roy don't hear about it and try to help Jason out its another punch in the gut. Then there's the fact there are three Jokers. If Bruce doesn't tell him this he's a bigger jackass than normal and that's saying something. If Jason doesn't know the danger he's already it increases to a disastrous level. What if all the Jokers come after him at once?


  1. Titans handling of Roy is very odd. From the little is implied Abnett isn't ignoring Roy's time with Jason. His personality, humor and actions are pretty much the same as Lobdell's. There's a little flashback to the time Roy met Wally and they're in a place that if not exactly the same is reasonable to assume is the same place we saw in RH/A 11 and lastly, Roy still has his tatoos (and he doesn't in the flashbacks). Now the question is whether Abnett will acknowledge his time with Jason more directly.

    Bruce asking Jason to go undercover seems like the logical choice, given the way Bruce's cape and cowl is present in the cover for RHATO 1 and totally fits his MO.

    As for the Joker thing, that is a dumb idea and the less Lobdell acknowledges it, the better.

  2. Interesting. My interest for Titans just went up more.

    The solicits do suggest that too.

    It might be another editorial mandate. I think that there's the Joker and two guys he had joined him kinda like Harley.