Sunday, June 26, 2016

Harper Row Despised?

I don't go on boards often but I thought she was a little more popular because of Snyder. I can understand getting annoyed with her after the thing in BaRE but is she truly that hated at large? I haven't read much of her, the twist I read about is grating though I'm mostly indifferent to her at the moment. I heard someone say she was too perfect so I guess that's the main problem? Beyond the "ideal sidekick" bull.


  1. The way Snyder and Tynion pushed her turned off a TON of people on her.

    And her main problem is that she's been pushed as the greatest thing ever in detriment of the other characters.

  2. Okay just making sure there wasn't another reason. I see that being a huge problem, more so than the other reasons people dislike some of the Robins. I'd likely dislike her more if I read more of her.

    I think the other characters need to be focused on more than her. There's already a lot of problems with the way most of the bat kids are being written.

  3. The problem with both Duke and Harper was that they were given this supposed importance in Batman's life before earning it. Duke "could have been Batman's first partner" and Harper was "the perfect robin". As opposed to Dick, Jason and Tim who all earned their spot in Bruce's heart organically.

    The writers want to promote them but no one is patient enough to build them from the ground up with credible skillset, so, BAM, there you have them fighting against Elite Talons, Orphans, assassins like pros. That said, Duke, aside from being able to talk to Damian when no other robins could, didn't often do what he shouldn't be able to. Harper on the other hand, was said to "have techs that make Tim jealous", gave Dick a dressing down, won against Jim-bat with techs. Despite being a genius but never had any training nor the means to make these techs. There are probably a few more instances but they make me mad so I don't want to look back at those pages ever again.

  4. I skipped a lot of their appearances because the writing in general didn't appeal to me so thanks for filling me in. That all sounds horrible. I did get the impression that Duke`s more accepted than Harper since I've seen fans calling him Bruce's son.

    I've seen a lot of writers being impatient in general with the bat family recently. They skim over the horrible things they've done making plotlines pointless. Few things have weight and characters act certain ways with little rhyme or reason. One of the reasons I love RHATO and RHA is because there's actual character development. There's an impact and depth.