Monday, June 20, 2016

A Few Other DC Solicits for September

Not as much as I was hoping for but I'm always glad to see what's coming out.

All Star Batman: Didn't Tomasi imply Two-Face committed (attempted) suicide? I wonder if that will be completely ignored.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: I'm curious how powerful Artemis is in this version. BTW I love this cover for Artemis, I think it's one of the few times Jasons' helmet is cracked that I could buy--assuming she has super strength I guess. I can see this same image also being used as a friendly headlock that she just gets too into.

Superwoman: I don't know how long I'll try this series out to see if I like it. Usually I give it an arc but if I do like the first issue enough I'll get this issue too.

Blue Beetle: The same as above. I love Ted and Jaime. Whether I love this version remains to be seen. I didn't like the couple of issues I tried of the last BB series.

Wonder Woman: I know some times Diana is depicted as having a connection to animals but this cover feels very Disney like. I don't know why she's in prison with all of them--especially the peacock--visiting but I'm intrigued.

Not much this in this one besides RHATO, Superwoman, Blue Beetle and the RHA trade. Was Super Sons delayed? I was sure it was supposed to come out September 7th. The adult coloring book craze is creating all sorts of DC versions. I saw a Batman Hush, Mad Love and Wonder Woman version before this. Maybe some of my favorites will turn up in some of these. I don't know if I'd pay $15.99 but these are good gift ideas.


  1. Snyder has outright said he's ignoring Tomasi's work on Harvey, so yeah.

    Really digging the cover and the solicit for RHATO. I love when artists draw heroines with muscular definition and is nice to see Lobdell isn't making things for Jason just because he's the lead. I'm really curious to see what will be the dynamic between Artemis and Jay but I'm having a good feeling about it.

    Still iffy about Superwoman, I'll wait to see its first issue before taking a choice.

    Curious about BB although honestly not a fan of retconning out the Reach from Jaime's backstory. We'll see I guess.

    People on other forums have proposed the animals are meant to be the greek gods.

    The RHA TP is stellar, compiling the remaining issues of the series plus the Rebirth one shot. It gives me hope that it will be a direct follow up to RHA 13 at least. I wish they would've used a different cover tho.

  2. That answers that, thanks! I thought that plot was problematic and I know not many were thrilled with Glinda being killed/the Two-Face origin.

    I saw a complaint that Artemis didn't look like a woman and I guess it's because she has muscles. I think she looks amazing and it makes sense for a warrior--an Amazon--to have more defined arms. I can believe at a glance that she's not to be trifled with. I don't think it's overdone to make her look like a body builder either.

    I can't wait to see that dynamic play out too because this is obviously going to be different than Kori. Instead of him being rescued Jason is meeting Artemis as an enemy.

    Yeah that's why I'm not sure if I'll get a whole arc with Superwoman. The first issue will tell what the vibe for the series is. I have no idea if it will be something I like.

    I'm not sure about that either but they might surprise us.

    Oh yeah, thanks. I think Hera is the peacock. I was just distracted by her expression, the animals and the jail. That makes a lot more sense.

    I think the Rebirth issue balances out the trade better. The cover could have been worse, I thought RHA #12 wasn't composed as well as the others.